About this Guide

This guide was designed for  Shterna Friedman's Social Studies 98wc junior tutorial, Humanity on the Edge: The Politics of Crisis (Spring 2024).  It is meant to be suggestive and illustrative -- not comprehensive. My hope is that it will help you identify weekly readings for your collaborative syllabus, and from the range of perspectives you're asked to encounter and interrogate. 

For the scholarly and research sources your tutorial papers will require, however, this guide will, in itself, be insufficient. 

So be sure to also refer to the course guide linked from the the Library's  larger Social Studies 98 site when you term project gets underway.  

Enjoy your work and follow up with me anytime, at any point in the semester, and with any questions: big, small, or somewhere in-between!  

Sue Gilroy, Social Studies Liaison Librarian, Lamont Library, Room 210