AllSides Media Bias Chart

AllSides (founded 2012) measures bias differently from Ad Fontes (described above). Its source base is narrower, for example, limited to the written, political, online content produced  by1400 U.S. news outlets. Politically-themed podcasts and broadcast/video journalism are not included. 

Unlike Ad Fontes,  AllSides does not measure accuracy or reliability of claims of publications, focusing solely on whether a publication leans left, center, right -- or somewhere in-between. Read more about the AllSides methodology, including the use of Blind Bias Surveys. 

Like Ad Fonte's  the AllSides Media Bias Chart version is interactive; detailed profiles of each news outlet are a click away.

One special/interesting feature: AllSides tracks the shifts over time of a publication's political leaning.

visual of the AllSides bias chart with news orgs and outlets, displayed wiht logos, listed according to political llean and degree of lean

AllSides Topic Pages

Browse or search a master of Topics & Issues that are politically charged in current media debates. 

All Sides Red / Blue Translator

The AllSides Red Blue Translator reveals how people across the political spectrum think and feel differently about the same term or phrase. 

In an age when speech is contested and civil discourse is imperiled, we can wonder whether we're all speaking the same language. 

Think about how  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has been weaponized in the current culture wars, for example.. 

AllSides in Debate

Should You Trust Media Bias Charts?

  • Article from the Poynter Institute for Media Studies (December 2020) critiquing both AllSides and Ad Fontes.