Good Bets for Current News

Major News Databases 

Nexis Uni 
  • national, international, legal, and business news souces; broadcast transcripts; important publications like BBC Monitoring International Reports; 
  • the competitor to Nexis Uni for local, national, international and business news; transcripts from network and major cable news providers;  produced by Dow Jone
Alt-Press Watch
  • features newspapers and magazines from alternative and independent presses, 1970 forward. 
Political Pro 


Major Titles With Free Access 

New York Times 
Wall Street Journal
Washington Post 
Financial Times
BBC World News
The Guardian 
  • alllows toggling between US, UK, Australia, and International editions

Good Bets for News Magazines

Academic Search Premier
  • mixed in with scholarship sampled from across the disciplines, ASP is strong on magazine content. Use the  Publications page to dientify and search contents of importnat titles like the New Yorker, Atlantic, Harper's, Dissent, the Economistetc. 
Project Syndicate 
  • publishes commentary and op-eds from major international scholars and intellectuals on a vast array of topics in international politics, economics, culture, etc. 

In which databases does this source live?

Try this shortcut HOLLIS search to identify online access to print and online periodical titles (including newspapers): 

image of special page which allows a search by journal title, article, or combination


How do I get around online paywalls?

Set up a Check Harvard Library Bookmark. It works like a browser extension; click on it when you want to check Harvard's access and it will "unlock" content we provide.

Directions are available here: