Lamont Library and other libraries including Widener Library and the Harvard Law School Library have strong collections of publications by governments from around the world.  Given Palestine’s colonial history, documents related"Detail, President Barack Obama participates in a youth roundtable at the Al-Bireh Youth Resource Development Center in Ramallah, the West Bank, March 21, 2013." National Archives, United States. https://catalog.archives.gov/id/176546338 . White House Photography Office. Photographer not named.  In this photo detail, United States President Obama sits at a long table with three young men and three young women, all seated.  One of the men, the speaker, appears in profile at the left end of the table looking towards our right.  He wears a gray jacket over a black, open-collared shirt; he gestures with open hands. Underneath his hands is a smart phone flat on the table.  Obama is on the side of the table away from the camera.  His torso is toward the camera.  He has his chin in his right hand as he looks toward his right to listen. Obama wears a navy-blue suit, a white shirt, and a navy tie covered by small white dots arranged in a diamond pattern relative to one another.  Between Obama and the speaker sits a man wearing a light brown jacket. To Obama’s left, away from the speaker, a woman wears a navy-blue jacket over a white blouse.  From the paper name tent on the table before her, we see that her name is Sima Q.  The table continues out of frame to our right.    To the speaker’s right, also in profile at the end of the table, a woman wears a black dress that is embroidered all over in gold with green, red, and white details. To her right, moving counterclockwise, is the near side of the table. On this side of the table, with their backs facing us, are a man and a woman.  The man wears a white dress shirt with thin red and blue vertical stripes.  To his right, continuing counterclockwise, a woman wears glasses and a lilac scarf on her head.  Her dress has a dark-colored bodice and sleeves that are brilliantly embroidered with many colors.  To her right, we see a paper name tent with the name Dr. Sameh Al Abed.  He and others at the table are cropped out of this detail.  If you click on the photograph, the full image can be seen on the U.S. National Archives website.   The tablecloth is white with a broad embroidered pattern on the edge and a narrow lace border. The table is decorated with red and white flowers on greenery. Each place has a clear plastic water bottle. There are also small white packages, perhaps tissues. The two people whose backs we see have a sheaf of paper on the table between them.  A white wall forms the background of the photo. Except for the woman whose hair is covered by a scarf, all can be seen to have dark hair.  Obama’s close-cropped hair alone is flecked with white and gray. to it are spread over the collections of various countries and intergovernmental organizations.  Likewise, print documents may be find in many libraries, including those mentioned above.  This guide is meant to be useful for finding those publications and those on the web. 

This is a search in HOLLIS for "subject contains 'Palestine'" and collection equals Lamont / Government Documents. See the menu at left for more specific topics. 

Note that the government documents collection in Lamont Library is closed-stacks, meaning you need to request books to be brought to the front desk.  

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