Additional Tips

Finding out about MIT and Harvard Research

Facts and Statistics

Use Alerts and RSS Feeds to Stay Informed

  • In HOLLIS, after you conduct a search you have the option to save it. In "My Favorites," you can set alerts for saved searches.
  • JournalTOCs: a free service that lets you keep track of newly published journal articles
  • Google Scholar alerts

Most scholarly databases offer an alerts feature

Managing citations

Citation and Research Management Tools at Harvard - this guide provides help with: 

  • Comparing Citation Tools
  • Using Zotero (my recommendation)
  • Citations Style Guides 
  • Sign up for Zotero classes
  • And more

Science Writing Anthologies

Books (select titles)

How to Read a Scholarly Article

Scholarly vs Popular Sources

  Scholarly (e.g. Journals, Conference Proceedings) Popular (e.g. Magazines, Trade Publications)
Authors Professors and researchers
  • Staff writers and journalists;
  • Business or industry professionals (Trade Magazines)
Articles reporting research results
  • To inform or entertain (Magazines);
  • To inform people in a business or industry about relevant news, trends, and products (Trade Magazines)
Audience Scholars, researchers, college students                                                                  General public
Reviewed by

Other scholars within the field (Peer-reviewed)


List of references

Few if any citations

Charts, Graphs, Math Equations, etc.

Pictures, cartoons, infographics, etc.

Journal of Heat Transfer

Journal of Applied Mechanics

[titles you would find in an academic library]



[titles you can find at a bookstore and in a library]