What's 3-in-1 Education Articles?

Use 3-in-1 Education Articles to:

  • get started on article research for most education-related topics
  • search by author or topic in the education literature
  • create an account to save citations and search histories
  • export records to Zotero and other citation tools for more advanced management features

3-in-1: Searching Smarter

Tips for searching in 3-in-1:

  • Use the “Select a field (optional)” choice to do general keyword searches. You may also use the dropdown menu to specify a particular place for your search terms to appear (words in author, title, subject, source, etc.).
  • If your topic contains more than one concept, combine your search terms by choosing AND (“achievement gap” AND science). To look for either of two concepts, use OR (ADHD OR “attention deficit”).
  • Add an asterisk (*) to the root of a word to find all forms of the word (parent* retrieves parent, parents, parenting, parental, etc.).
  • Put quotation marks around phrases.

3-in-1: Create an account

Click  to create an EbscoHost account to save citations and to track and rerun search histories.

3 searches stored in Ebsco's search history

3-in-1: Export to EndNote or Zotero

Add citations to the 3-in-1 folder and then from within the folder click on the Export icon to move them to EndNote or Zotero.