Meet with a Research Librarian

Why meet with a research librarian?

  • Get advice on the best bodies of literature and journal collections for your research question
  • Feel more confident that you've done a thorough search
  • Get help troubleshooting any research-related question or problem
  • Connect with a friendly colleague who loves what she does (and can save you time)!

Working on a topic in another discipline (i.e., Sociology, Law, Economics)? We can connect you with subject librarians across the Harvard Library.

Meet with a Scholarly Communication Librarian

Why meet with a scholarly communication librarian?

  • Find free, public domain multimedia resources for your project, presentation or dissertation
  • Define your publishing goals and find the right publication for your research
  • Identify helpful tools to build and maintain your scholarly or professional online presence
  • Learn about the peer review publishing and editorial process
  • Understand copyright, fair use and your rights as an author and user

We can help you at each stage of sharing or publishing your work, whether in professional or scholarly communities. Also consider joining us at our monthly Doctoral Tea publishing workshops (open to all students).

Meet with HGSE Writing Center TFs

Why meet with Writing Center staff?

  • Define a research question.
  • Organize the content of your paper.
  • Review and revise drafts.
  • Cite sources appropriately.

Need help with APA now?

Front cover of APA 7th publication manualLearn from APA's tutorial:
Using APA 7th ed. Style 

APA "cheat sheet":
Examples of Commonly Used References at HGSE