Soviet / Russian ephemera collection (late 1980s-1990s)

Soviet / Russian ephemera collection (late 1980s-1990s) is a collection of materials and artifacts related to various political events, movements, parties and personalities that were part of the political life in the former Soviet Union and Russia between 1987 and 1999. This was a vibrant and very important period in the history of the country and the collection of ephemera documents the process of the decline and ultimate collapse of the Soviet Union and the birth of democracy in Russia as it was reflected in unprecedented free, independent and non-traditional publishing output in Russia. Among the objects in our collection are fliers reproducing official documents or produced by political parties or movements, special issues of periodicals, campaign brochures, event invitations, meeting agendas, posters, photographs, campaign miscellanea (calendars, stickers, envelopes, notebooks with party symbols) and non-paper items (buttons etc.).

Geographically, most of the materials originate from Moscow, but there are also some from Leningrad/St. Petersburg and other areas of Russia, as well as from the republics and countries of the Former Soviet Union.

The collection has seven parts, each with its own unique title. Each of the seven subcollections has a page in this guide and can be accessed individually (see menu on the left). The direct link to the HOLLIS catalog is provided in each case. Each collection is further subdivided by folders, and a complete listing of folders is provided on each page. Individual documents inside folders are not described, but their digital images are available for discovery online.

Alternatively, this digitized collection can also be accessed via HOLLIS (the online catalog for Harvard libraries). Once in HOLLIS, please click on View Online in the index view (fig. a) or in the individual record (fig. b):


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