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Schlesinger Library Condition of Use Forms


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Browse an A-Z list of condition of use forms associated with collections from Schlesinger Library. Use the menu on the left to navigate. If you have any questions about a collection or one of the forms, please contact us for assistance.

Condition of use forms are also called permission forms or special forms in the finding aids. These forms exist generally to protect privacy and personally sensitive information that is included in some of the Library's collections. The terms included in the forms are not found in the finding aids or in the HOLLIS catalog records, but can be accessed through this guide.

If you wish to use a collection that requires one of these forms, you can complete it at the Reference Desk when you start your research. We don't require that you fill this out in advance; however, you are welcome to fill out the form online and send the signed form to us in advance of your visit using the Ask a Librarian webform.

Please note: if you are working with a research group or a research proxy, everyone accessing the material will need to sign a copy of the form.


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Research Tips

Research Tips

Ask a Schlesinger Librarian about your research.

  • We can answer your questions, recommend additional sources, and provide in-depth research help. 

Search the HOLLIS catalog for more resources. 

  • This guide only provides an introduction to materials related to your topic. HOLLIS makes even more materials available.

Contact us in advance of your visit.

  • Many of our collections are stored offsite and/or might have access restrictions. 

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