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National History Day 2020-2021: Communication in History

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Start your archival research for National History Day 2020-2021: Communication in History with this guide.

The collections listed in this guide may help you develop or support your National History day project. Because the Schlesinger Library is not open to researchers at the time of this guide's publication, all of the resources listed in this guide have freely available digital components relevant to this year's theme. During the pandemic and while the Reading Room is closed, please contact us with any questions about how to access materials that are not yet available online.

This guide highlights people, organizations, and social and political movements within the United States that are relevant to the 2020-2021 National History Day theme.

This guide was originally posted by Teddy Schneider.

Personal Stories

While other collections in this guide adhere closely to the categories of communication the Schlesinger has selected for this guide, the following collections are those that span multiple kinds of communication or highlight many communicators.