Statistical yearbook (UNESCO) 1963-1999 
Location: Widener Educ 86.82.5 (and other locations)

UNESCO Institute of Statistics Public Reports provides statistics for 1999+ , the years after the Statistical Yearbook paper edition ceased in 1999.

Basic facts and figures (UNESCO)  Holdings:1954,1956,1959-1961  
Location: Widener Educ 86.6

UNESCO Institute for Statistics provides online statistical databases for a wide range issues within its core themes. There are links to archived data as well:

Science & Technology
Culture & Communication

This database of the United Nations Statistical Office provides access hundreds of statistical series for all countries and areas of the world, with descriptions of the international sources and methods used in compiling the data. The series can be accessed alphabetically, by source, including UNESCO, or by topic. For each series international sources and definitions of terms are given.

Proquest Statistical Insight
Select "Search Abstracts" and then limit search to "International and Intergovernmental sources (IIS)" for international statistics, which include UNESCO publications. Though some documents are linked and available directly online, most will be available only in microfiche:
IIS microfiche library
Location: Microforms (Lamont) Microfiche S 505 (Level D)
Consult a Government Documents librarian for assistance in accessing the collection.