UNESCO Databases on the Web

UNESDOC Database is a bibliographic database of UNESCO's documents and publications as well as of its Library collection. Full text of UNESCO documents, publications and periodicals is being made available (N.B. Use advanced or expert search), with the number of full text documents continually being expanded.
Some of the UNESCO documents referred to in this database, which do not have full text available may be found at Harvard. They may be fully cataloged in HOLLIS, the online catalog, or more likely, reside in large microfiche collections which can only be accessed by document or microfiche number. Consult a Documents Librarian for assistance.               

List of UNESCO Secretariat Main Series Documents 1946-1971 links to a pdf file which not only lists these early documents by subject, but also links them to pdf documents on the web. (See also Microfiche editions of the publications of the Unesco Secretariat from 1946-1979. Location: Microforms (Lamont) Microfiche W 5768) (Level D)

UNESCO website is a gateway to multiple resources. It includes:

  • Areas of expertise, major initiatives and specialized areas.
  • Links to various resources including UNESCO lists and archives.
  • Access to the UNESCO mediabank, the worldwide translations database, thesauri, directories, etc.