Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

CIA'S Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room: Here you can view documents released through the FOIA and other CIA release programs. If you would like to view our previously released documents and collections, visit our Frequently Requested Records, our Historical Collections, and our CREST: 25-Year Program Archive. You can search all the documents by using the search bar at the top of the page, or you can browse individual collections of documents on historically significant topics compiled by our office. Please note that not all documents reside in collections, so you may wish to perform an overall document search as well as browse the collections you are interested in. Because of CIA's need to comply with U.S. national security laws, some documents - or parts of documents - cannot be released to the public. Specifically, the CIA has the responsibility to protect intelligence sources and methods from disclosure.


Microfilm CIA Research Reports on:


The Rote Kapelle : the CIA’s history of Soviet intelligence and espionage networks in Western Europe, 1936-1945

The Senate Intelligence Committee report on torture : committee study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation Program



Top-secret hearings by the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. First installment, 1959-1966   

Film A 426 (Lamont level B)

The Military situation in the Far East and the relief of General MacArthur

Film A 427 (Lamont level B)

Executive Sessions of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Historical Series: 1947+

Vols. I-X   US Doc 675.314.5 (Lamont level D)

Vols. XI-    Microfiche Y4.F76/2:Ex 3/2/ (Lamont level D)


House Foreign Affairs Committee.  Executive Session Hearings. Historical Series:  1943+    US Doc 775.314.5 (Lamont level D)

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)

The Vault: FBI's Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room: Thousands of scanned documents and other media that can be searched by keyword or category.

Collections relating to specific subjects can be found in HOLLIS under the subject phrase United States. -- Federal Bureau of Investigation -- Archives. Here are a few examples.

American Indian Movement and Native American Radicalism, 1968-1979  Formed in 1968, the American Indian Movement (AIM) expanded from its roots in Minnesota and broadened its political agenda to include a searching analysis of the nature of social injustice in America. These FBI files provide detailed information on the evolution of AIM as an organization of social protest and the development of Native American radicalism.

Cointelpro: the Counter-Intelligence Program of the FBI    Film A 254 (Lamont level B)

      FBI subversion and ‘dirty tricks’ against the US Left in the 1960s and 1970s.

 Communist infiltration of the SCLC microform : FBI investigation file     

      Investigation of the Southern Christian Leadership Council   Film A 477 (Lamont level B)

FBI file on Thurgood Marshall Film A 617.52

FBI files on Black extremist organizations Film A 1308

LinkFBI files on white extremist organizations [microform]  Film A 1553

Federal Bureau of Investigation confidential files. FBI wiretaps, bugs, and break-ins [1953-1974?] the National Security ElectronicSurveillance card file and the Surreptitious Entries fileFilm A 617.26

Joint Chiefs of Staff


Records of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


                        Part 1:  1942-45     Film A 367    (Level B Lamont)


                        Part II:  1946-53      Film A 368     (Level B Lamont)

National Security Agency

NSA Declassified Documents: Documents declassified through FOIA requests and Mandatory Declassification Review provisions of Executive Order 13526.  Also includes documents declassified because of general public interest.

National Security Council (NSC)

Documents of the National Security Ccuncil 1947-1977    Film A 438     (all on Level B Lamont)

1st Supplement            Film A 438.1

2nd Supplement           Film A 438.2

3rd Supplement            Film A 438.3

4th Supplement            Film A 438.4

5th Supplement            Film A 438.5

6th Supplement            Film A 438.6

7th Supplement            Film A 438.7

8th Supplement          Film A 438.8

Paper guides             Index Film A 438 etc.

Vietnam: National Security Council Histories  Film A 428 (Lamont level B)                                                \

Crisis in Panama and the Dominican Republic: National Security Files and NSC Histories 1963-1969 Film A 402 (Level B Lamont)                  


 Minutes of Meetings of the National Security Council with Special Advisory Reports  Film A 661 (etc.) (Lamont level B)

 [with supplements]                                                     


 The John .F. Kennedy National Security Files, 1961-1963 (Level B, Lamont)

 Africa   Film A 667.1                                

1st Supplement   Film A 667.1.5

Asia and the Pacific   Film A 667.2

1st Supplement    Film A 667.2.5

Latin America    Film A 667.3

1st Supplement, Cuba     Film A 667.3.5

Middle East     Film A 667.4

U.S.S.R. & Eastern Europe     Film A 667.5

Vietnam     Film A 667.6

1st Supplement                     Film A 667.6.5

Western Europe                      Film A 667.7

1st Supplement                       Film A 667.7.5




The L.B. Johnson National Security Files, 1963-1969 (Level B Lamont)

Latin America     Film A 656.1   

Vietnam, Special Subjects      Film A 656.2

Vietnam    Film A 656.2.2

Vietnam, 1st Supplement         Film A 656.2.3

Vietnam, 2nd Supplement        Film A 656.2.4

Middle East      Film A 656.3

Western Europe  Film A 656.4

Western Europe, 1st Supp.        Film A 656.4.5

Asia and the Pacific      Film A 656.5

Asia and the Pacific, 1st Supp.  Film A 656.5.1

Africa     Film A 656.6

U.S.S.R. & Eastern Europe      Film A 656.7

The United Nations      Film A 656.8

 Israel   Film A 656.9

Office of Strategic Services (OSS)

O.S.S. and  R & A  (Research & Analysis)                  Film S 145 (level D Lamont)

Declassified reports and documents 1941-46      

O.S.S. Intelligence and Research Reports                  Film A 215  (Level B Lamont)


See page in Harvard LibGuide  U. S. Presidential Documents: Declassified Documents

Dept. of State

Foreign Relations of the United States [FRUS]  US Doc 1120 (Lamont level D) some online

Some documents are available online from the State Dept. Virtual Reading Room.

Official Conversations and Meetings of Dean Acheson, 1949-1953  Film W 6816 (Depository)

   A Guide to official conversations and meetings of Dean Acheson (1949-1953)  Index Film W 6816

Japan at War and Peace, 1930-1949

U.S. State Department records on the internal affairs of Japan.

Poster for the movie Argo created by the CIA

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