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National and International Security



Articles & Reports

CRS Reports

The Congressional Research Service, an arm of the Library of Congress, provides Congress with non-partisan legislative research and analysis. The reports are not released to the public and are posted on various websites and in library databases. Starting points for CRS Reports are listed below:

Statistics & Data

Arms & Expenditures

Armed Conflict & Terrorism

Think Tanks & International Organizations

Think Tanks

International Organizations

Other Guides

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News, Journals & Other Resources

Research Strategies

1.) Target your search. Use keywords. Identify non-profit and governmental organizations that specialize in national and international security issues to get started on your research.

2) Use Advanced Google Searching.

Limit your results by domain, date and format.

  • Other tips:
    • Use quotation marks to search an "exact phrase"
    • Add a minus (-) before words to exclude them from the search.
    • Incorporate other advanced search operators in your Google search.

3) Harness the Power of Google Custom Searches.

Use Google's powerful algorithms to search a curated list of websites.

Search for Books

Use HOLLIS+, Harvard Library's online library catalog, to identify books, reports, data and other items owned by Harvard libraries.

Conduct an advanced search in HOLLIS+ and limit your search by subject for more precise results. On the advanced search site, change the drop down menu next to the search box to subject.

Example:  HOLLIS+ Subject search box

Recommended Subject Searches:

  •    Cyberspace Security Measures Government Policy
  •     Internet Government Policy
  •     Computer Security Government Policy
  •     Information Warfare
  •     Cyberspace Operations

Add a country name to a subject search to limit results by country. Example: "Internet Government Policy United States"


Keep a list of search words that you have used in your search. Add new keywords and synonyms to your list as you discover new terms during the research process.

Other Guides & Resources