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Document Cameras in the Schlesinger Library Reading Room

Get Started

image of hovercam solo 8 modelSixteen high-resolution, standalone document cameras "Hovercams" are available in the Carol K. Pforzheimer Reading Room. 

Hovercams attach to your Mac or PC. Don't have a laptop? We have three laptops to lend. First come, first served. 

1. Download Flex 10 Software

Note: Skip this step if you are borrowing a Reading Room laptop. The software is already installed. 

Visit the Hovercam website that offers a Flex10 software download page.

Select the Flex10 software option that best suits your device. They offer 32-bit and 64-bit options for PC devices and an option for Mac.

Follow on-screen installation instructions after software downloads.

2. Connect & Configure Hovercam 

Connect the Hovercam to your laptop via USB cable and open Flex 10 Software. Here is what you will see:

screenshot of hovercam software


Click Settings  Settings icon in hovercam software on the bottom right corner of the menu.

A smaller menu will open in the software. 

Click the scan tab to view camera settings.

  • Save folder specifies the location where images will save
  • File naming convention assigns file names
  • Extension format determines image type. The options are jpg, png, tif, bmp, gif,and pdf. 

screenshot of hovercam software settings

3. Take images 

The menu at the bottom of the screen allows you to control the camera. 

  • Split screen: View the live image through the camera lens alongside the still image you take
  • Snapshot: Take an image
  • Multi Scan: Add each image you take to a single pdf
  • Zoom, Focus, Control, and Cropping: Manipulate the image before you take it

screenshot of hovercam software menu


Click the expand hovercam expand icon icon on the left side of the screen to view thumbnails of the images you take

screenshot of "go to archive" in hovercam software

Choose Go to Archive go to archive button in hovercam software to view the images on your hard drive