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Document Cameras in the Schlesinger Library Reading Room

Get Started

image of hovercam solo 8 modelSixteen high-resolution, standalone document cameras "Hovercams" are available in the Carol K. Pforzheimer Reading Room. 

Hovercams attach to your Mac. Don't have a laptop? We have three PC laptops to lend. First come, first served. 

1. Download Flex 10 Software

Visit the Hovercam website that offers a Flex10 software download page.

Select the Hovercam Flex10 for Mac software option and follow on-screen installation instructions after software downloads.

2. Connect & Configure Hovercam 

Connect the Hovercam to your laptop via USB cable and open Flex 10 Software. Here is what you will see:

Click Settings  Settings icon in hovercam software on the bottom right corner of the menu.

A smaller menu will open in the software.

Click the Snapshot tab to view camera settings.

  • File Format allows you to change your file format.
  • Date allows you to set or change the date.
  • Prefix defines a filename for your file.
  • Sequence allows you to set the starting numerical sequence in the naming convention of the file.
  • Save to folder lets you set the folder where you want your files saved.

3. Take images 

The menu at the bottom of the screen allows you to control the camera.

  • Snapshot: Take an image.
  • Focus, View, and Zoom: Manipulate the image before you take it.

Click the expand hovercam expand icon icon on the left side of the screen to view thumbnails of the images you take.

Choose Go to Archive  to view the images on your hard drive.


"Unidentified Developers": A pop-up about an unidentified developer is an indication that one's computer settings only allow downloads from the Apple store, but never fear!

  • Open Finder and search for the Hovercam Flex10 installer and/or program icon.
  • Ctrl + click (the equivalent of right clicking) and choose open.
  • When the dialog box pops up, allow the software to open and install. 
  • If this doesn't work, you will need to update the security preferences. Instructions can be found here: