HOLLIS is the library's main search interface.  HOLLIS does not contain everything Harvard owns, and Harvard doesn’t own everything in HOLLIS, but we can get you almost anything. It includes the Harvard library catalog as well as a huge (and more heterogeneous) collection of citations for a variety of materials, including articles and book chapters. HOLLIS does not search the full-text of books and articles, though you find occasional exceptions.  https://guides.library.harvard.edu/hollishelp

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Citation Tools

Citation and Research Management Tools - Use the guide, to learn more about these tools that enable you to collect and to organize your sources and to create bibliographies quickly.

Avoiding Plagiarism

Before you get too deeply into your research, take a look at the Harvard Guide to Using Sources: it describes how to use sources appropriately in academic papers and includes the chapter, Avoiding Plagiarism.


Ask a Librarian

Virtual Media Lab

  • Access video tutorials for supported hardware and software, and pointers to additional documentation.
  • Connect with us for workshops, trainings, consultations, and 1:1 assistance through our Zoom Help Desk (Links to an external site.).
  • Supporting: Podcasting, Photo Editing, Video Editing, Data Vizualization, Web Publishing, XR/3D,
  • Learn Software Platforms: Panopto, Adobe Creative Cloud, Zoom
  • Faculty-specific support
  • Participate in discussions through our Slack community, collaborative resource lists, and virtual poster sessions/presentations