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The History of Science encompasses all the scientific disciplines, including medicine, technology and often the social sciences.

This guide will show you how the disciplines are defined and how to find important resources so you can get down to researchElsa Van DiemThe HOLLIS & WorldCat tab explains our online catalog, HOLLIS, and WorldCat, a collective catalog of many other libraries, and how to actually obtain the sources you find.

Background and Context suggests first stops for investigating your topic.

Secondary sources give the opinions or theses of other historians, providing background and placing your idea within current historical debates.

Primary sources  provide evidence for your argument. Scientific results, eyewitness accounts and reactions, and other evidence of the actions of participants and contemporary observers are primary sources.

Citing Sources presents citation management software and some tools for formatting citations.

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Some of the top online resources in the History of Science

Important: The History of Science encompasses many subject disciplines. The information you will find here may not be as focused as what you'll find by taking a few minutes to investigate the rest of the guide.

Try a subject dictionary, encyclopedia or handbook -- it's an easy way to get a handle on your subject. 

HOLLIS (Harvard Login for best results) is the Harvard Library catalog. You can use it to find books and articles as well as other resources. (More specifics about HOLLIS). 

History of Science, Technology and Medicine (Harvard Login)  books, book chapters, and journal articles. Some social sciences material. More information on this complex database

PubMed with FullText (Harvard Login) This link is limited to the History of Medicine filtered search. PubMed is the most popular index of (primarily US-produced) biomedical articles. More specifics here (note: PubMed is free; the full text availability depends on library subscriptions)

Web of Science Citation Indexes (Harvard Login) (1900- ) articles in all areas of science. Includes medical articles not in PubMed. You can use the Cited Reference Search (Harvard Login) in Web of Science to find primary source articles that cite a specified article, thus getting an idea of its reception. More information