About this site

Welcome Juniors! 

image of willliam james hall through car window, distorted by rain on windshield and fallen leavesThis site is designed to gather, in one place, all of the research guides for junior tutorials offered in Social Studies during AY 23-24.

As courses have different themes and rules of engagement, you'll find some variation, from tutorial to tutorial, both in the information-seeking strategies we suggest and some of the library resources that we think will be most useful for your work.

Across tutorial guides, though, you'll also find commonalities. To prepare you for thesis work, each guide will typically: 

  • help you identify the key knowledge formats of social sciences research
  • provide you with ways to understand and learn more about the  research methodologies you'll study and practice in your tutorial 
  • identify "gold standard" databases for accessing the published scholarship on your topics
  •  offer you suggestions about practices and tools that will make your tutorial work easier -- and eventually, make your thesis experience smoother. 

If you need other kinds of research help than you find on these pages, feel free to contact me with questions big, small, and anywhere in-between. 

We can triage by email, meet up on campus for a longer conversation, or even schedule something on Zoom, if you need an evening appointment. 

My office is Lamont Room 210 -- and while you'll have to knock or ring the bell to get my attention, my door is always metaphorically open to you. Just drop by! I'm onsite Mondays through Friday. 

Enjoy your work! 

Sue Gilroy, Research Librarian and Liaison to Social Studies, Lamont Library, Room 210


Flickr photo of William James Hall, by Matt, November 13, 2007  (Flickr CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)