Faculty Collections

Personal archives and papers of Harvard faculty members document their teaching methods, interactions with students, and classroom routines.

Diary of Henry Flynt, 1726-1774. Henry Flynt earned his Harvard AB in 1693 and was a Tutor from 1699 to 1754. He became a fixture of 18th-century Harvard life, and in his later years was referred to as “Father Flynt.” For a typescript transcription of the diary, see: Flynt, Henry, and Edward T. Dunn. The Diary of Tutor Henry Flynt of Harvard College, 1675-1760, 1978.

Benjamin Guild Diaries, 1749-1792 Benjamin Guild (A.B. 1769, A.M. 1772) was a Latin tutor at Harvard College from 1776-1780 and a prominent bookseller. His diaries from 1776 and 1778 refer to his lectures at Harvard and to the examination of students.

Judah Monis Collection, 1683-1764 Judah Monis was the first instructor of Hebrew at Harvard College; he received an honorary degree in 1720. His grammar was the first Hebrew textbook published in North America. Includes papers about the Hebrew grammar and Monis’s relations with Harvard College.

Papers of Nathan Prince, 1698-1748 Nathan Prince (A.B. 1718) was a Tutor and Fellow. His papers include notes and writings on theological and mathematical topics.

Papers of Stephen Sewall, 1734-1804 Stephen Sewall (A.B. 1761) taught oriental languages and Hebrew from 1761-1785 and served as Librarian from 1762-1763. His papers contain lectures on Hebrew and oriental literature.

Papers of Henry Ware, 1764-1845 Henry Ware (A.B. 1785) taught theology at Harvard. Includes sermons, lectures on religion, teaching material such as assignment books, correspondence and other documents.

Papers of Samuel Williams, 1743-1817 Samuel Williams (A.B. 1761) taught mathematics and natural philosophy. He was the third Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. Includes manuscripts of writings on theology and various scientific topics, sermons, meteorological observations and notes.

Papers of John and Hannah Winthrop, 1728-1789 John Winthrop (A.B. 1732, A.M.1735) taught science, astronomy and mathematics at Harvard. He was the second Hollis Professor of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy. This collection includes diaries, an important meteorological journal (1742-1779), abstracts of sermons and lectures.