Find Books

Use Harvard's online catalog, HOLLIS, to search for books. 

  • If you are in the Cambridge area, you may use the "Request pick-up" option in the item's record in HOLLIS to arrange a time to pick the book up at Lamont Library. This service is not available for all library collections. 

If you can't find the book you're looking for in HOLLIS, ask a librarian.

Find Journal Articles

Use HOLLIS to search for articles. Type the article title into the HOLLIS search box and choose the "Everything" option.

If Harvard doesn't have access to the article you are looking for, ask us to help you find it.

Find Materials in Your Language


  • use Advanced Search; or
  • do a basic search and then limit the results to your language with the options on the right-hand side
  • you can also enter non-Roman characters into the search box
  • Use the Romanization Tables to enter transliterations of non-roman character languages.

Find English/Other Language Dictionaries

To search for language dictionaries in the Harvard libraries, go to HOLLIS Advanced Search and follow these steps:

  1. Choose "Library catalog."
  2. Change the first search box from "Keywords anywhere" to "Subject."
  3. In the first search box, type: english language dictionaries XXX [replace the XXX with the name of your language in English].
  4. Click on “Search.”
  5. Select a relevant title.
  6. The record for the dictionary will provide a list of Harvard libraries owning it. Look at the "Get It" section to find out if the dictionary is available. Most dictionaries will be "In-library use only."

Find Maps

Contact the staff at the Harvard Map Collection located in Pusey Library, accessible through Level B of Lamont Library.

Geological maps are housed in the lower level of the Cabot Science Library; ask a librarian for help locating maps.

Find Data or Government Information

1. Search in HOLLIS. If you find a document, it will most likely be at Lamont Library.

2. Look at our research guides on government documents.

3. Contact the Government Documents librarians: