Find Books

Use Harvard's online catalog, HOLLIS, to search for books. If you can't find the book you're looking for in HOLLIS, ask a librarian.

Find Journal Articles

Use HOLLIS to search for articles. Type the article title into the HOLLIS search box and choose the "Catalog & Articles" option.

If Harvard doesn't have access to the article you are looking for, ask us to help you find it.

Find Materials in Your Language


  • Use Advanced Search; or
  • Do a basic search and then limit the results to your language with the options on the right-hand side
  • To search with non-roman scripts in HOLLIS, try using both romanization and vernacular script. 
  • If you know the item you are looking for, search by its ISBN. 
  • If you have difficulties, Ask A Librarian for assistance with searching in your language. 

Find English/Other Language Dictionaries

To search for language dictionaries in the Harvard libraries, go to HOLLIS Advanced Search and follow these steps:

  1. Choose "Library catalog."
  2. Change the first search box from "Keywords anywhere" to "Subject."
  3. In the first search box, type: english language dictionaries XXX [replace the XXX with the name of your language in English].
  4. Click on “Search.”
  5. Select a relevant title.
  6. The record for the dictionary will provide a list of Harvard libraries owning it. Look at the "Access Options" section to find out if the dictionary is available. Most dictionaries will be "In-library use only."

Find Maps

Contact the staff at the Harvard Map Collection located in Pusey Library, accessible through Level B of Lamont Library.

Geological maps are housed in the lower level of the Cabot Science Library; ask a librarian for help locating maps.

Find Data or Government Information