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History of Harvard Law School & Harvard University: Selected Resources

A selective list of primary and secondary sources related to the history of Harvard Law School and Harvard University.

Alumni Directory, 1958 – present

Directory of Black Alumni/ae

Lists Black graduates of Harvard Law School since the graduation of George Lewis Ruffin in 1869.

Women at Harvard Law School: Alumnae Directory

Additional Resources Available through Harvard Library

Alumni/ae in Action: Harvard law School Graduates in Public Interest and Public Sector Work
Produced in 1991 and 1994 only. Survey responses of  "a day in the life" of alumni working in public interest settings. Respondents are from a wide range of graduating classes.

Harvard Law School Class Reports (1883-present, irregular)
Lists class members and current employment at time of publication. Occasionally includes brief biographical statements. Generally published every five years, up to and including the fiftieth anniversary of graduation. For some classes, published more or less frequently than every five years.

Harvard Law School Year Book
Began in 1938, but not published 1942/1943-1944/1945. Includes membership of student organizations and journals as well as faculty. The last yearbook was published in 2012.