Philanthropic Society

This group was started by several students who were teaching Sunday school at the State Prison in Charlestown.  The students wanted former prisoners find suitable employment after release.  With Prof. Henry Ware, Jr., they established the Philanthropic Society as a debate club focusing on ethical, political and religious topics.  The club members' influence led to Protest Against American Slavery by 170 Unitarian Ministers.


Records of the Philanthropic Society in the Theological School of Harvard University, 1831-1851 (Print Only)

"This volume was found among the papers of the late Mrs. Charles R. Whitcomb, of Winchendon, having come into her possession with the effects of her husband's brother, Mr. Christopher Channing Whitcomb, a student in Harvard Divinity School for three years with the class of 1863. (Died at Winchendon, Sept. 5, 1865). It was placed in the hands of the librarian, March 9 1917, by the executor of the estate of Mrs. Whitcomb, Dr. W.B. Bancroft, South Boston"--Typed note at end on the stationery of Owen H. Gates, Librarian.