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1892: Alumni Association Recommend that Women Be Admitted

In the minutes for the Alumni Association's meeting on June 28, 1892, there is the following resolution, moved by the Rev. Samuel June Barrows (STB 1875)" "That the alumni of the Harvard Divinity School respectfully urge the Overseers to recommend and the Corporation to permit the admission of women to the lectures, recitations and library of the Divinity School as regular or special students, under such regulations as may be prescribed."

A committee of alumni was appointed "to urge the admission of women to the privileges of the School," but no report was made at the Association's 1893 annual meeting. In 1894 Barrows again offered a resolution "that a committee of three be appointed to confer with the President and the Government of Harvard University upon the need of furnishing adequate instruction for women who may wish to enter the theological department." The resolution was adopted, but at the Alumni Association meeting in 1895 the Rev. Joseph Henry Allen, AB 1840; AM 1843, reported for the committee "that the new relations of Radcliffe College to the University had made unnecessary the proposed efforts of the committee and that it had done no more than to determine that fact."

--Foundations for a Learned Ministry, p. 55-56