Secondary Sources

Oxford Bibliographies offer numerous annotated bibliographies of secondary sources. A search on Disasters in Advanced search adjusted to Article Title yields:

Historical Abstracts (1954- ) includes books, book chapters, journal articles (but not book reviews) for non-North American history, 1450-date.

Web of Science Citation Indexes allow citation searching, that is, starting with an article of interest and finding more recent articles that have cited it. History is included 1956- . More information.

The Forest History Society Research Portal offers over 45,000 citations to published items on environmental history, over 30,000 photographs, and other material.

Bibliography of Asian studies (1941- ) covers English-language books (published before 1992 only), essays in books, and periodical articles. No book reviews. In 1956, coverage was extended from East and Southeast Asia to include Central and South Asia and the Philippines. The online version starts in 1971Issued separately in print (1969-91) and as special number of the Journal of Asian Studies (1966-69) which is available in JSTOR. A cumulated version for 1941-70 is available. For earlier coverage see Bulletin of Far Eastern bibliography (1936-40). Cumulated version (1941-1965, 1966-70; subject and author bibliographies):
LOCATION: Harvard-Yenching: Ref (W) DS5.A87 1970x
LOCATION: Harvard-Yenching: Ref (W) D5.A87 1969x
LOCATION: Widener: RR 3910.10
LOCATION: Widener: RR 3910.11

JSTOR Asian Studies
Full content  (up to about 5 years ago) of 16 journals in Asian studies, in some cases covering as far back as 1843.  Full-text searching optional.