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Proper HOLLIS Subject terms are:

  • Dams --China --Yangtze River Gorges
  • Hydraulic engineering --China --Yangtze River Gorges
  • Yangtze River (China)


Searching within All English-language Works Published in China

In HOLLIS Advanced Search do searches of the form:

Keywords anywhere contains: Yangtze
Code: MARC place of publication: cc
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Limit to English (Items apparently in Chinese have some English in them, perhaps a summary)

To find Chinese government documents in English:

Author/creator contains: China
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Official sites and documents

China Three Gorges Corporation

China Yangtze Power Co., Ltd.

Three Gorges Power Plant Animation YouTube

State Council of the People's Republic of China

Gazetteers/ Yearbooks

Translations of the Peking Gazette Online (1793-1912; selected material)

Chinese Research Perspectives Online 中国研究视角在线

Government Documents

Party and Government Documents in English PGDiE


Propaganda and the Chinese Press Global Perspecties (FBIS)

World Protest and Reform Movements Global Perspectives (FBIS)


Nexis Uni

Advanced Search. Choose News. Do your search, then narrow using the filters on the left. Location by Publication narrows results to where the articles are published. Geography by Document narrows results to articles about a particular region.

Chinese Newspapers Collection (1832-1953) offers English-language newspapers published in China.

NewspaperARCHIVE includes the North China Herald (1850-1926)


Bibliography of Asian studies 


Before the Flood (Alexander Street)

Before the Flood II- Gong Tan (Alexander Street)

The Yangtze River's Green Sailors   (Kanopy) 

China - Materials in Chinese

Official sites and documents





Daily Newspapers online

People's Daily - Renmin Ribao 人民日报 (1946 - Present)

Guang ming ri bao 光明日报 1949 - 2013

Jiefangjun Bao (PLA Daily) 解放军报 1956 - present

Global Times 环球时报 1993-present

CNKI China Core Newspaper Database 中国核心报纸全文库 2000 - present

Renmin University of China’ Social Sciences Databases 中国人民大学复印报刊资料 1978 - present

Central Daily News 中央日报 (1928-2006)


UDNdata 全文報紙資料庫

China Daily News 中國時報 1991-2006 New

Journals / Theses / Proceedings online

CNKI 中国知网 (including Dissertations & Theses, Proceedings)

National Social Sciences Database 国家哲学社会科学学术期刊数据库 2000- OPEN ACCESS

Quan Guo Bao Kan Suo Yin (CNBKSY) 全國報刊索引

Renmin University of China’ Social Sciences Databases 中国人民大学复印报刊资料

Superstar Journals Database 超星期刊

Airitis Taiwan Electronic Periodical Services (TEPS) 華藝台灣電子期刊

Airiti Chinese Electronic Theses and Dissertations Services 華藝中文碩博士

Airiti Chinese Electronic Proceedings Services 華藝中文會議論文資料庫

Archives / Sources

Archives of the Chinese Government 中国政府资料库

Bibliography of Asian studies 

China economy, public policy, and security database 皮书

Chinese Research Perspectives Online 中国研究视角在线

Duxiu 读秀

Document Collections

The National History Database of P.R.C. 中华人民共和国国史数据库

e-Books/ Gazetteers/ Yearbooks

CNKI China Statistical Yearbooks Database 中国统计年鉴数据库

CNKI China Yearbooks Full-text Database 中国年鉴全文数据库

CNPeReading 易閱通中文电子书平台

Chinese Social Science Library (CSSL) 中国社会科学文库

WanFang China New Local Gazetteers (1949- ) 万方中国新方志数据库