Divinity School of the University of Cambridge

The text has been reproduced with some regard to typography. Paragraph divisions have been kept, but line divisions have not. The "dagger" symbol has been replaced with the "pound" (£) sign; the "double dagger" has been replaced with the "Yen" (¥) sign.

With this copy is a handwritten copy of "Dr. Palfrey's corrections as to names (16 July 1840)." These corrections are listed after each appropriate page. This list is also available as a scanned image at the end of the text.







PROFESSOR PALFREY respectfully requests gentlemen, into whose hands the following memoranda of the history of the School, for twenty five years, may come, to furnish him (free of postage) with such corrections as they may be able to make.

August 10th, 1836.

In the autumn of 1811, Dr. Ware, Hollis Professor, began a course of exercises with the resident Students in Divinity. At this time, the following gentlemen became his pupils; viz. ­

Messrs. #Joseph Allen (A. B. 1811), John Dudley Andrews (1810), Lemuel Capen (1810), Jonathan Peale Dabney (1811), David Damon (1811), Charles Eliot (1809), George Bethune English (1807), Edward Everett (1811), Samuel Gilman (1811), Joseph Haven (1810), Francis Jackson (1810), Cyrus Pierce (1810), Thomas Prentiss (1811), Hiram Weston (1811).

Between the autumns of 1811 and 1818, the following gentlemen commenced their studies, under the direction of Dr. Ware and of Mr. Andrews Norton, who in 1813 was appointed Dexter Lecturer in Biblical Literature. They also attended President Kirkland in a few exercises in Dogmatic Theology, Professor Willard in Hebrew,

Correction to p. 3: Before Joseph Allen insert John Emery Abbot, A.B. (Bowd.) 1810.

and Professor Frisbie, (after his appointment in 1817,) in Ethics. As there is no record of the time when they entered on theological studies, their names are arranged in the order of the College Catalogue, with the exception of the last four, who are not graduates of Harvard College.

Messrs. Thomas Tracy (1806), Henry Ware (1812), Charles Folsom, Rufus Hurlbut, and Thomas Savage (1813), John Allyn, Andrew Bigelow, Francis William Pitt Greenwood, Alvan Lamson, Peter Osgood, and James Walker (1814), Charles Briggs, Lyman Buckminster, Stevens Everett, Convers Francis, Elisha Fuller, Richard Manning Hodges, George Goldthwait Ingersoll, Levi Washburn Leonard, Joseph Orne, George Otis, John Gorham Palfrey, and Jared Sparks (1815), Charles Brooks, Willard Bourn Oliver Peabody, William Ware, and Azariah Wilson (1816), #George Bancroft, Ira Henry Thomas Blanchard, Samuel Brimblecom, Samuel Atkins Eliot, Benjamin Fessenden, Francis Jenks, #Samuel Joseph May, Robert Folger Wallcutt., and Francis Willard Winthrop (1817); #Silas Allen, J-- Barker, -- Bryant, John Pierpont.*

In December, 1815, the President and Fellows issued their circular, soliciting funds in aid of the Divinity School. About thirty thousand dollars were collected, and the "Society for promoting Theological Education in Harvard University" was formed. The first Annual Visitation, for the reading of dissertations, is believed to have taken place December 17th, 1817.

In the autumn of 1818, the following gentlemen commenced their studies; viz. ­

* A. B. Yale. (Graduates of other Colleges are all, as far as known, designated as such in the margin.)

Corrections to p. 4:

  • Before George Bancroft insert William Winthrop Allen
  • Before S.J. May insert Joseph Augustus Edwin Long
  • Dele Silas Allen [the same as W.W. Allen above]
Messrs. Jesse Chickering, James Delap Farnsworth, John Fessenden, John Flagg, Samson Reed, Thomas Russell Sullivan, John Hubbard Wilkins, Lot Wiswall, and Thomas Worcester.
August 10th, 1819, Mr. Norton was inaugurated Dexter Professor of Biblical Literature. Before the autumn of this year, no distinction of classes had existed. At that time, the students were divided into three classes; and the following classes. down to 1828 inclusive, are arranged according to the time when they began their studies.
1819. Messrs. #Samuel Barrett, Jonathan Farr, James Diman Green, George Rapall Noyes, John Porter, Charles Robinson.
1820. " #William Farmer, William Henry Furness, Ezra Stiles Gannett, Henry Hersey, Benjamin Kent, Calvin Lincoln.
1821. " #Eliphalet Porter Crafts, Edward Brooks Hall, Charles Wentworth Upham, Alexder Young.
1822.1 " #Nathanael Gage, Samuel Presbury.
1823. " #Frederic H-- Allen, Warren Burton, Alphonso Hill, James Augustus Kendall, George Leonard, Isaac Parsons, George Ripley, Stephen Schuyler, George Wadsworth Wells.
1824.2 " #Daniel Austin, George Washington Burnap, Caleb Stetson, Christopher Tappan Thayer, William H-- White, William Augustus Whitwell.
1 March 25th of this year, the President and Fellows issued their circular, asking aid towards the erection of a building.
2 Nov. 17th, 1824, a new Constitution was adopted, vesting the immediate government of the School in the Directors of the "Society for promoting Theological Education" &c.

Corrections to p. 5:

  • 1819 insert James Hayward & John Prentiss
  • 1820 Samuel Todd Adams, John Goldsberry (Brown Un.). After Henry add (Brown)
  • 1821 after Crafts add (Brown). Insert Enos Stewart
  • 1822 after Presbury add (Brown). Insert George Smith, George Tyng
  • 1823 Frederic Hunt Allen. Insert Ralph Waldo Emerson. Change Alphonso (Hill) to Alonso
  • 1824 after Austin add (Dartmouth). William Hunt White.
1825.1 Messrs. # Benjamin Brigham, George Bradford, Jonathan Cole, Wendell Bayard Davis, Frederick Augustus Farley, George Fiske, Frederick Henry Hedge, Samuel Kirkland Lothrop, William Parsons Lunt, Artemas Bowers Muzzy, John Langdon Sibley, Moses Thomas.
1826.2 " # Horatio Alger, David Hatch Barlow, Stephen A-- Barnard, William Barry, Hersey Bradford Goodwin, Willard Newell, Cazneau Palfrey, William S-- Prentiss, George Whitney.
1827. " # Julian Abbot, Stephen Greenleaf Bulfinch,* Joseph Hawley Dorr, George Washington Hosmer, Josiah Moore, John Owen,£ Ephraim Peabody,¥ Allen Putnam, George Putnam, John Turner Sargent, David Southard, Oliver Stearns.
1828.3 " # Charles Francis Barnard, Alanson Brigham, Addison Brown, George Chapman, Joseph Warren Cross, Edward H-- Edes, Henry F-- Edes,¥ Thomas Bayley Fox, Josiah Dunham Hedge, George Nichols, William Reed,¥ John Lewis Russell, Wil-
1 In January, 1825, a circular was issued by the Directors, asking aid towards the erection of a building. About sixteen thousand dollars were obtained, and the corner-stone of Divinity College was laid July 6th.
2 August 29th, Divinity College was dedicated. About this period Dr. Follen gave instruction, in the School, in the department of Ethics.
3Sept. 9th, the Directors issued their circular, soliciting aid towards the establishment of a Professorship of Pulpit Eloquence and the Pastoral Care. The sum asked for was speedily furnished, and the Rev. Henry Ware jr. was elected to that chair.

*A.B. Col. £A.B. Bowd. ¥ A.B. Brown

Corrections to p. 6:

  • 1825 change Muzzy to Muzzey & Thomas to Moses George Thomas (A.B. Brown)
  • 1826 Stephen Alfred Barnard. Barnard A.B. Brown. Apparently a name Washington Gilbert (given on missing paper later found) should be between Barry & Goodwin
  • 1827 Dorr A.B. Bowd. Apparently name Francis Cunningham omitted between Bulfinch & Dorr.
  • 1828 Edward Henry Edes. Henry Francis Edes.
# liam Gray Swett, James H-- Thomson, Jason Whitman.
Professor Ware jr., having returned from Europe, was inaugurated in October, 1830. February 3d, 1831, "Statutes relating the Theological Department in Harvard University" were confirmed by the Overseers. With their adoption the functions of the Directors ceased, and the "Society for promoting Theological Education in Harvard University " became disconnected from the School, under the name of the "Society for promoting Theological Education." April 5th, 1831, Rev. John Gorham Palfrey was inaugurated Professor of Biblical Literature, and the same evening a new body of rules for the government of the School was promulgated in the Chapel. Down to this period, students had been in the habit of leaving the School, at various stages of the course, to enter the pulpit. The practice was now discontinued. Accordingly, the later classes are arranged under the respective years of their regular dismission.
1832. Messrs. # Joseph Angier, Charles Babbidge, Reuben Bates, Curtis Cutler, Charles Andrews Farley, Rufus A--Johnson, Henry A-- Miles,* Andrew Preston Peabody, John D-- Sweet,* Josiah Kendall Waite, Horatio Wood.
1833. " # William E-- Abbot,£ William Andrews, William Henry Channing, James Freeman Clarke, Samuel Adams Devens, Theophilus Doggett, Samuel May, Albert Clarke Patterson, Chandler Robbins, Samuel D-- Robbins, Linus H-- Shaw, Henry Augustus Walker.
* A. B. Brown. £ A. B. Bowd.

Corrections to p. 7:

  • 1828 James William (not H--) Thomson A.B. Brown
  • 1832 Insert John Quimby Day -- John Davis Sweet
  • 1833 William Ebenezer Abbot, Theophilus Pipon Doggett. Samuel Dowse Robbins. Linus Hall Shaw.

1834. Messrs. George Ware Briggs,* Richard Sullivan Edes,* William Greenleaf Eliot,£ Nathanael Hall, Frederick West Holland, George Wheelock Woodward.¥
1835. " Cyrus Augustus Bartol,§ Asarelah Morse Bridge, Charles Timothy Brooks, Edgar Buckingham, Christopher Pearse Cranch,£ Barzillai Frost, Samuel Osgood, John Parkman, Harrison Gray Otis Phipps, George Matthias Rice, || James Thurston.
1836. " Samuel Page Andrews, Richard Thomas Austin,§ John Sullivan Dwight, George Edward Ellis, Oliver Capen Everett, Abiel Abbot Livermore, Theodore Parker, William Silsbee.

* A.B. Brown. £ A.B. Col. ¥ A.B. Dart. § A.B. Ham.
|| A.B. Bowd.