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Religious Aspects of the American Civil War

Selected resources at Harvard Divinity School Library



Although manuscripts and archives material was not digitized in this project, it also includes important primary source material. Manuscript sermons, such as those of Ezra Stiles Gannett  [image of the top of one of his sermons above]; letters like the one from Clara Barton  [scans below], church records, such as the records of two Cambridge congregations [sampled on the sub-pages], and diaries such as those of John Mather Austin [start on this page with the news of the nomination of Lincoln] give additional insight into the thoughts and actions of the time.  Photographs [on other pages and on the sub-page] bring some of the people to life.

Visit the Manuscripts and Archives section of the library's website, scroll through the lists of collections for ones that have potential material from this time period, and then look through the finding aid for potential documents.

Clara Barton to John B. Proctor, Sept. 9, 1862

Envelope addressed to J.B.Proctor

Letter from Barton to Proctor Sept.9,1862

Letter from Barton to Proctor Sept.9,1862

Clara Barton: Photo

Clara Barton photo

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