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Religious Aspects of the American Civil War

Selected resources at Harvard Divinity School Library

Chaplain Humphreys Remembers

Chaplain Humphreys Remembers

From a letter from Charles Alfred Humphreys to Edward Henry Hall, dated Apr. 28, 1864. Printed in

Charles Alfred Humphreys

Photo of Chaplain Humphreys

Charles Alfred Humphreys (Apr. 1, 1838-Nov. 22, 1921) graduated from Harvard College in 1860 and from Harvard Divinity School in 1863. He was a Chaplain in the 2nd Regiment, Massachusetts Cavalry, July 14, 1863-Apr. 12, 1865. He served Unitarian churches in Springfield (1865-72), Framingham (1873-91) and Randolph (1893-99). Photo: Charles Alfred Humphreys UUA Minister file

Jacob Gilbert Forman

Jacob Gilbert Forman Photo

Jacob Gilbert Forman (Jan. 21, 1820-Feb. 7, 1885) was the minister of the First Congregational Unitarian Society in Alton, Ill., from 1857 to 1861. He was a chaplain in the 3rd Regiment, Missouri Infantry (1862-63) and in the 1st Regiment, Missouri State Militia Infantry (1864-65). In the summer of 1863, he became Secretary of the Western Sanitary Commission.

Photo : Jacob Gilbert Forman UUA Minister file

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