• The MLA International Bibliography tracks scholarship on literature, language, linguistics, and folklore back to 1926. It is both international and multilingual, making it a great general tool for preliminary searching. (As the index is produced in the U.S., there is a natural bias toward anglophone literature and toward works by American scholars.)
  • Literature Online (for Anglophone literature) includes a large corpus of literary texts, author biographies, an excellent selection of specialized encyclopedias, and an index to scholarship.
  • The Johns Hopkins Guide to Theory and Criticism offers in-depth encyclopedia entries on literary theorists and critical movements.




Search terms that can help you improve your results in HOLLIS, Academic Search Premier, and other multidisciplinary resources:

  • Literature, “criticism and interpretation,” rhetoric
  • genre terms (novel, fiction, poetry, drama)
  • geographic terms (United States, American)
  • time period terms (19th, "to 1500")
  • Terms for region or language (Italian, Asian)





Literary Research in Harvard Libraries was originally written by Sue Gilroy and Laura Farwell Blake, and remains deeply indebted to their work.