Get Organized

Access articles and books for free

NEVER pay for something yourself without checking the library first!

Organize and cite your sources

Short-term: save and cite directly in the database

Most library databases offer tools to format citations and save items. Use these to make a temporary list or to format a citation quickly.

Long-term: citation software

  • I recommend Zotero
    • Install Zotero (Harvard-specific instructions) - with Zotero you can save items from any source, instantly format and re-format citations, organize folders and tags, etc. Note: the Zotero browser plug-in and Zotero app are two separate tools that work together, make sure you've installed both!
    • Zotero classes and community - attend a start-of-term workshop or join the Zotero user group
  • Citation Tools (FAQ). Better understand citation management software.
  • Not ready for Zotero? It's still a good idea to store your sources on your own system, outside of any library database: paste citations into a document, keep a folder of PDFs in cloud storage, etc.

Cloud storage

Harvard affiliates get 1 TB of storage via OneDrive

Writing with sources

Style guides

Take the time to read your style manual. In addition to telling you how to format citations, these guides offer tips on how to balance concision with clarity, how to format a date for adjectival use, when to use the singular they, and much more.

Tutors and guides to research