HOLLIS, the library's main search interface and catalog, is a good resource to find primary sources.

  • Use the Advanced Search to search for specific authors. Change the 'Keywords anywhere' to instead search the 'Author / creator' field to only search for works written by that author.
    • For example: jung, carl
      • And then use filters on the right to possibly narrow your search. For example, using the Subject filter to only see results with a specific subject heading.
  • There is a filter that sometimes helps limit to primary sources.
    • After doing a keyword search, for example, searching for: History AND Psychology, look for the Form / Genre filter and select 'Sources.' See example search here.  
  • Add subject words to your search that could help filter for primary sources.
    • For example, on the 'Keywords anywhere' line search for: subconscious* AND psychology, and on the line below search the 'Subject' field for: interviews OR diaries OR archives. See example search here.


PsycINFO offers advanced search options to help find primary sources. 

  • Use filters to help find primary sources.
    • After doing a keyword search, for example, "humanistic theory" OR "humanistic approach" OR "humanistic psychology" use the 'Methodology' filter on the left to select primary source research. For example, select Empirical Study, Interview, and Clinical Case Study. See example search here.

Library Guide

Harvard Library has research guides that help students find primary sources.