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Encyclopedia of Buddhism
Deals with historical aspects of and modern concepts related to Buddhism, as well as geographic areas and important figures. Each article has a bibliography.

Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism
In-depth essays on a wide variety of topics in Hinduism, including central concepts, religious symbols, relationship to other religions, important figures, modern issues, the role of Hinduism in various geographic regions, and schools of thought within Hinduism.

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Bibliography of Asian Studies
Contains journal articles on topics in the humanities and social sciences related to East, Southeast, and South Asia. Coverage 1971-present.

Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies
Contains journal articles, books, book reviews, theses, and grey literature related to the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa. Coverage 1900-present.

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Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center Digital Library
Contains digital texts of Tibetan Buddhist documents.

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Find sacred texts for Buddhism.

Find sacred texts and commentaries for any religion.

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Oxford Bibliographies Online - Buddhism
Extensive listings of key resources related to sub-topics within Buddhism.

Oxford Bibliographies Online - Hinduism
Extensive listings of key resources related to sub-topics within Hinduism.

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