Find Overviews & Introductions

Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an
English-language dictionary of terms, themes, place names related to the Qur'an. Includes concordance to the Qur'an.

Encyclopaedia of Islam three
Comprehensive and authoritative encyclopedia of concepts, people, places related to the Islamic world and culture. Each entry has a bibliography.

Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World: Digital Collection
Offers extensive comparative and systematic analyses of Islamic beliefs, institutions, movements, practices, and peoples on an international scale. Articles range from brief essays to major interpretive and synthetic treatments of topics such as the Islamic state, pilgrimage, law, marriage, and foreign relations.

The Oxford History of Islam
Introductory but detailed articles on Islam from its origins to present day, in various geographic regions. 

Find Journal Articles

Index Islamicus
Index to articles, books, and reviews on Islamic studies from 1906-present.

Middle Eastern & Central Asian Studies
Includes articles, books, theses, and grey literature on the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.

Find Primary Sources

Islamic Heritage Project
Contains digitized versions of Islamic manuscripts, texts, and maps from Harvard's collections.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Islam
Important published works and manuscripts by leading 20th-century Islamic thinkers. Includes content in both English and Arabic.

Christian Muslim Relations Online, 600-1900
Indexes works by and about Christians and Muslims in relation to one another. Includes a description of the work, its significance, the manuscript locations, works that deal with the subject of the work, and keywords.

Find Sacred Texts & Commentaries

Find the Qur'an and commentaries in HOLLIS.

Early Western Korans Online: Koran Printing in the West, 1537-1857
Contains all Qur'an editions in Arabic printed in Europe between 1537 and 1857, as well as translations directly from the Arabic (until about 1860).

Find Bibliographies

Oxford Bibliographies Online - Islamic Studies
Extensive listings of key resources related to sub-topics within Islamic studies.

Search HOLLIS Advanced Search (in Library Catalog) for [name of religion] + bibliography as a subject. If you are looking for a bibliography in English, you should use the refining options on the left-hand side under Language to limit to items in English.

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