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Encyclopedia of Christianity Online
A 5-volume set of articles on the history of Christianity and its relationship to historical events.

Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
A comprehensive dictionary of concepts relating to the Christian church. Entries also contain a bibliography.

New Catholic Encyclopedia
A 15-volume encyclopedia of concepts relating to the Roman Catholic Church.

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Christian Periodical Index
Contains articles in many different disciplines from an evangelical Christian perspective. Coverage 1976-present.

Index Religiosus : international bibliography of theology, church history and religious studies
Bibliography of theological studies in general, with heavy focus on church history. Created from the Elenchus Bibliographicus and the bibliography of the Revue d’Histoire Ecclésiastique. 

Boston College Jesuit Bibliography
Books, articles, reviews on Jesuit studies. Open access.

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American Board of the Commissioners of Foreign Missions (ABCFM) papers
Correspondence and other papers documenting the experiences of missionaries sent out by the American Board of the Commissioners of Foreign Missions, 1810-1961. Finding aid for collection. Originals at Houghton Library; view microfilm at Lamont Library.

Archives Unbound: Global Missions and Theology
Contains documents from organizations and individuals involved in missions in the 19th century. Highlights the following areas: Africa, Fiji and Sandwich Islands, India, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Hawaii.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Christianity
Key works of major figures in Christianity in the 20th century. Includes personal papers of Reinhold Niebuhr.

Digital Library of Classic Protestant Texts
16th- & 17th-century texts from religious figures who played a large role in Protestant reformation. Works in original language; some English translations.

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New Testament Abstracts
Contains articles and book abstracts for literature on the New Testament.

Old Testament Abstracts
Contains articles and book abstracts for literature on the Old Testament.

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Oxford Bibliographies Online - Biblical Studies
Extensive listings of key resources related to sub-topics within Biblical Studies.

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