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National History Day 2018-2019: Triumph and Tragedy

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Start your archival research for National History Day 2018-2019: Triumph and Tragedy with this guide.

History is full of triumphs and tragedies, be they political, military, social, or personal. In some cases, a triumph for one person or group has been a tragedy for another, meaning that these terms are often subjective. The collections listed in this guide in some cases provide windows into both sides of a conflict, and in other cases tell the stories of the tragedies and the eventual triumphs of a particular movement.

Use the menu on the left to discover the Schlesinger Library's archival collections related to this topic. This guide is organized by social and political movements within the United States that are relevant to the 2018-2019 National History Day theme.

Take Note

Many of our collections are stored offsite and/or have access restrictions. Be sure to contact us in advance of your visit.

Personal Stories

While most of the other collections in this guide deal with larger social and political events, the collections on this page tell of more personal triumphs and tragedies.