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To find individual encyclopedia articles in HOLLIS, using HOLLIS Everything, do a Title search on your topic and in the results list look for Resource Type under Refine Your Results in the right-hand column. Choose Reference entries. Example.

The Oxford Research Encyclopedias: American History offers numerous articles reviewing specialized topics.  Each article has sections on Discussion of the Literature and on Primary Sources, together with a Further Reading bibliography and footnotes.

Encyclopedia of global change: environmental change and human society

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Invasive Species Specialist Group Database

Encyclopedia of American environmental history

Encyclopedia of American Forest and Conservation History.
--Appendices: National Forests of the U.S., National Parks of the U.S. (both with date established, brief historical data, acreage, citation of legislation), Chronology of Cited Federal Legislation, Chronology of Administrations (names/dates of service of members of relevant government departments), Atlas (maps illustrating aspects of forestry and land use). Subject index.

Companion to American Environmental History

Encyclopedia of the environment in American literature

Encyclopedia of environment and society

Encyclopedia of environmental ethics and philosophy

Encyclopedia of water politics and policy in the United States
--Essays on about 250 projects, legislative acts, legal cases, people, and organizations

A dictionary of landscape: A dictionary of terms used in the description of the world's land surface

The ABC-CLIO Companion to the Environmental Movement

Historical Dictionary of the Green Movement

A companion to American environmental history
--Includes over 30 essays.

Historical Dictionary of North American Environmentalism
--Paragraph to 2 pp. articles about persons, institutions, laws, events, and other topics. Chronology (pp. xi-xxi), 1626-1996. Bibliography

Historical dictionary of environmentalism


Chronology of twentieth-century history: Ecology and the environment

Chronology of Americans and the environment