Background Information / Overviews

Searches review articles, including the Annual Review of Anthropology.

Articles that are written and reviewed by scholars, which provide an overview of a topic and an annotated bibliography.

Concise introductions to a diverse range of subjects. 

Books / Book Reviews

A good source for finding book reviews, both historical and current. 

A useful tool for searching within books and seeing book previews. 

  • HOLLIS  (some content free / open access) 

Contains information about the many different types of items held in the Harvard Library.

Articles / Review Articles

A general-purpose database covering scholarly journals as well as more mainstream publications.

Searches the major literature, including journals, in anthropology and related fields. 

Searches journals published by the American Anthropological Association.

Searches many different types of publications across a variety of disciplines. Learn how to connect Google Scholar to your library access. 

Searches many different types of scientific literature on nonhuman primates.

Search biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life-science journals, and online books.

Indexes the world’s leading scholarly literature across the disciplines, with cited reference searching and filters that indicate markers of quality.

See all of the Harvard Library's databases. 

Dissertations / Theses

  • DASH (free / open access) 

Harvard's central, open-access repository for research by Harvard community members. Contains Harvard anthropology dissertations from 2012-present and some undergraduate theses.

  • HOLLIS (some content free / open access) 

Find dissertations and theses written by scholars from Harvard. 

Find dissertations and theses written by scholars from North American universities. Most post-1990 titles are available with full-text.