About this guide

This guide contains curated lists of Harvard Library resources on the following topics:

  • Archaeology
  • Human Evolutionary Biology
  • Medical Anthropology
  • Social Anthropology

Suggested General Resources

  • Zotero (free tool): Easy-to-use tool to help you collect, organize, cite, and share research.
  • NVivo (Harvard Key required): A powerful software for qualitative research analysis.
  • Sage Research Methods (Harvard Key required): Includes case studies, articles and other materials on research methods.
  • Harvard Alumni Resources (Harvard Key required): See what library privileges you will retain after graduation. 

Related Harvard libraries

  • Countway Library: One of the largest medical libraries in the world and a valuable resource for medical anthropologists. 
  • Ernst Mayr Library: The library for Harvard's Museum of Comparative Zoology. It contains many useful resources for researchers studying human evolution. 
  • Tozzer Library: Harvard's anthropology library and one of the largest and most comprehensive anthropology collections in the world.
  • Widener Library: Harvard's flagship library, which contains collections covering many different subject areas including anthropology and archaeology.​
  • Harvard Library Locations: ​​​Learn more about Harvard's other libraries