What is an encyclopedia?

An encyclopedia is a resource which provides concise information on many subjects or on many aspects of one subject. It is composed of entries or articles, arranged alphabetically or thematically. Encyclopedias are concerned with factual information. The summaries in an encyclopedia are drawn from research and each entry is usually accompanied by a list of citation references to relevant research. 

Encyclopedias for South Asian Studies

Oxford Research Encyclopedias. Asian History

Designed to cover the entire sweep of Asian history in its broadest definition, from prehistory to the present and into the future. Provides access to state-of-the-art research and also connects readers to the full range of internet resources for research and teaching, including audio, visual, video materials, digitized archives, and other primary sources. Contributors to the ORE are professional historians, independent scholars as well as faculty at institutions around the world.

Companions for South Asian Studies

book cover

A Companion to South Asia in the Past

Gwen Robbins Schug; Subhash R. Walimbe

This comprehensive and detailed scholarly treatment of South Asian archaeology and biological anthropology covers the Pleistocene to the historic era in India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Nepal.

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The Cambridge Companion to Rabindranath Tagore

This is the first one-volume guide in English, or indeed in Bengali, to the full spectrum of Tagore's multi-faceted genius. It has two parts: (a) critical surveys of the chief sectors of his artistic output and its reception; (b) specialized studies of particular topics. The authors are among the leading Tagore experts from India and abroad. They have drawn upon all relevant material in Bengali, English, and other languages, including the entire body of untranslated Bengali works that comprise the greater part of Tagore's oeuvre. They have also considered the historical and cultural context of his time. The book includes an index of all primary works cited, with full details of their complex history of transmission, and a reading list for Tagore studies in English. It will be an indispensable guide for all scholars, students and informed general readers, even those who can access Tagore in Bengali.