What is a periodical?

periodical is a resource published at regular intervals. Periodicals are important sources of current information and opinion. 

newspaper is a periodical containing news, feature articles, advertisements, and correspondence. Newspapers are closely tied to time, as well as to a specific geographic location and community.

magazine is a periodical containing articles and illustrations, typically covering a particular subject or area of interest. Magazines are not as closely tied to time as newspapers, nor are they necessarily tied to a specific geographic location or community. 

Resources at Harvard


Newspapers and magazines can be searched for in the library catalog.

How to find?

How to find newspapers and magazines in the library catalog:

  • Open HOLLIS, Harvard's library catalog.
  • Above the search bar, there are options for different types of searches. Select Advanced Search
  • An expanded search box will appear. At the top of the search box is the text Search for and options to search the entire system or to limit the search to only materials which Harvard holds. There are also the options to search for reserves or by barcode. Select Library Catalog. This will limit the search to only materials which Harvard holds.
  • In the expanded search box is the text Search Filters. Below this text is a row of three search boxes. The first box limits what the search will look at (e.g. author names, titles, etc.). Click the downward arrow in the first box and select Subject from the dropdown menu. This tells the search to look for materials tagged with a certain keyword.
  • The second box limits whether the search looks at everything which contains the words searched for, or whether the search only looks at things which match the search words exactly. Click the downward arrow in the second box and select contains from the drop-down menu. This tells the search to look for materials which are tagged with the word searched for.
  • The third box is where search words are entered. Type Newspapers or Magazines in the third box. This will retrieve resources which have been tagged with the keyword "Newspaper" or the keyword "Magazine", respectively.
  • Select the Search button in the bottom right corner of the expanded search box. 

This search will retrieve newspapers or magazines held at Harvard.

South Asian Newspapers, Magazines & Broadcasts

A number of newspapers and magazines have been digitized. Still more are preserved on microfilm and can be found in microfilm collections.

Guide to Newspapers and Newspaper Indexes: Asia

South Asian Newspapers at the Library of Congress

If you're a Harvard affiliate, the Harvard Library's interlibrary loan service allows you to borrow materials from the Library of Congress.

Times of India (1861–present)

Considered the world's most widely circulated English daily newspaper, the Times of India was founded in 1838 to serve British residents of West India. This database offers searchable digital reproductions with full page and article images, going back to 1861.

Ideas of India database

Indexes the contents of 255 English-language periodicals that Indian intellectuals, scholars, and statesmen published between 1837 and 1947.

International Union List of South Asian Newspapers and Gazettes

The International Union List of South Asian Newspapers and Gazettes has been compiled by Irene Joshi formerly of the University of Washington Libaries South Asia Section. This union list contains information on 3,000 newspapers and gazettes published in South Asia and abroad, including publications serving diaspora communities world-wide.

19th Century UK Periodicals: Series 2 - Empire

This is a collection of British journals published in the nineteenth century. Part 2, "Empire," includes journals related to the expansion of the British empire published in Britain, India, Canada, South and East Africa, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) daily reports

This archive of 20th Century news from around the world translated into English provides global views on United States foreign and domestic policy after World War II. It includes coverage of newspapers and wires relevant to South Asia, among other world regions, from 1941–1996.

Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS) reports

Contains English translations of a variety of media produced in South Asian countries between 1957 and 1995, including: journal articles, books, serials, radio and television transcripts, new briefs, commentary and opinion, interviews, newsletters, laws, treaties, resolutions, speeches, conference proceedings, statistical compilations, and technical reports.

South Asian Newspapers (World Newspaper Archive)

South Asian Newspapers is one of the modules of the World Newspaper Archive. When complete, it will provide more than 400,000 fully searchable pages of newspapers published in South Asia dating from the 19th century. Content, made accessible on a rolling basis, will include titles published in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka in English, Gujarati and Bengali.

Nalupu (Black)

Nalupu was a pioneering publication that helped foster discussions of caste and class politics in the Telugu-speaking regions of India following the Dalit massacre of 1985. The entire run from April 1989-June 1993 was digitized by The South Asia Materials Project (SAMP). Harvard affiliates may consult issues via Scan & Deliver or Interlibrary Loan.

British Library Newspapers

The British Library holds over 34,000 titles from the UK and overseas, or 60 million individual issues. The newspaper collection includes the ongoing legal deposit collection of UK and Irish newspapers.

Newspaper Archive

Newspaper Archive is a database that includes tens of millions of pages of historical newspapers, dating as far back as the 1700s. The strength of this product is its inclusion of many small town newspapers.