Policy Reports

What are policy reports?

Policy reports are descriptions of research produced by the organization conducting the research rather than by a conventional publisher. They are distributed on a limited basis by the producer of the research or by its funding agency. Like dissertations, they often contain more detailed information than is included in an eventual conventionally published work. Sometimes work included in working papers is never otherwise published.

Where can I find policy reports?

OpenGrey: System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe

PolicyFile (1990-) offers public policy reports and studies published by think tanks, university research programs, research organizations including the OECD, IMF, World Bank, the Rand Corporation, and a number of federal agencies.

Policy Archive is a digital library of public policy research containing over 30,000 documents.

Think Tank Search - from the Kennedy School of Government, a customized Google search of documents produced by think tanks.

Google advanced search. You can limit by domain: .org