African Development Bank (AfDB) Group Statistics
Statistical data produced by AfDB researchers for informing policy formulation, implementation, and evaluation as well as monitoring progress towards achieving Millennium Development Goals and Poverty Reduction Strategies.


CEIdata (Harvard Login)
Provincial macro-economic monthly database for China.

China Data Online (Harvard Login)
Provides statistical information from the National Bureau of Statistics of the People's Republic of China in English. Coverage includes China Yearly Macro-economy Statistics (1949-), China Monthly Macro-economy Statistics (1998-), Monthly Reports on Economy Development (2002-), China City Statistics (1996-), China County Statistics (1997-), China Industrial Data (2001-), and various statistical yearbooks (2002-), as well as provincial and county-level data from the 2000 census.

China Data Resources
List of data resources for China compiled by the Librarians at the Harvard-Yenching Library.

Indiastat (Harvard Login)
Statistics from Indian government and industry associations.  Includes data on health, education, industries, tourism, bank and financial institutions, foreign trade, labour and workforce, and more.  Login instructions:  From the Indiastat homepage, select Login, then select Login Your Account Through IP Login.

CMIE CapEx dx (Harvard Login)
Implementation history for about 46,000 infrastructure, manufacturing, and service-related projects in various stages of completion in India since 1995, including government, private sector, and foreign-led operations.  Need to create an individual account.

CMIE Commodities (Harvard Login)
Comprehensive source of Indian commodity prices, market intelligence, crop forecasts and time-series data for commodities. Need to create an individual account.

CMIE Consumer Pyramids (Harvard Login)
Record-level data of a large household survey conducted in India. This is a panel of households with an objective of building longitudinal data series based on regular surveys. Includes modules for People of India, Unemployment, Composition of Incomes, Household Amenities, Assets & Liabilities, Household Expense - Details, and Consumer Sentiments.  Need to create an individual account to access the data.

CMIE States of India (Harvard Login)
Economic and social data at the state level for India.  Includes state domestic product, inflation, banking, public finance, agriculture, energy, infrastructure, industry, investments, households, population, employment, education, crime and election results.  Click on Register to set up an individual account. Need to create an individual account.


Eurostat is the statistical office of the European Communities. Its website provides information on economy and finance, population and social conditions, industries, external trade, transportation and more. Some data is available at the regional level.

North America

Statistics Canada
Statistics Canada is the official source for Canadian social and economic statistics.

CANSIM, Statistics Canada (Harvard Login)
Socioeconomic database containing Canada's latest statistics on a wide range of topics such as business, environment, and labour.

Russia and Former Soviet Union Countries

East View Universal Databases, Statistical Publications (Harvard Login)
Full-text database that covers Russian- and English-language publications, reports and data sets from State Committee of the Russian Federation on Statistics and the Interstate Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Features searching within reports, tables and graphs, transliteration option, tables of contents in English, etc. It covers 101 statistical publications with some of the backfiles going back to 1995.

Other Resources

Data and Government Information Collections
Lamont Library is home to a vast and encompassing array of data and government collections, in both print and digital form, as well as the expertise to make the best use of these collections for your research.

National Statistics Offices
A global collection of national statistical offices with accompanying links. Maintained by the Census Bureau's International Programs.