Working With a Citation

If you click on any individual citation, you will find a wealth of information. First, the Abstract; although you can choose the Display Setting that shows abstracts, that makes the results page long and rather cumbersome, so you might want to wait until you have refined your search. In any case, the Abstract should show you very quickly if this article is a useful one.

Click on the name of any other authors to see other articles they have written.

Scrolling down, you can see the MeSH (Medical Subject Heading) terms for this article. They appear in relevance order, so you will probably find the closest hits at the beginning of the list. Click one to see other items associated with that MeSH term; you can also add the term to your search to help refine your results.

Along the top of the page in your Results, click on Summary on the left to see other ways of viewing. On the right, Send to lets you email the citation, send it to the Clipboard, or in My NCBI to Collections or My Bibliography, and more.

The Clipboard is an excellent way of collecting citations as you search; you can do this from your results page or from individual citations. Simply select the citations you want by checking their boxes on the left, then Send to Clipboard. Item in clipboard will appear in red letters next to the Related citations link. (NOTE: the Clipboard is temporary and will go away when you close PubMed.There are several options for actions on your references from the Clipboard, so do something with them you want to keep them.)

On the right, note:

  • A link to the Clipboard will appear if you have added anything to it.
  • Related citations - very useful!
  • Again, your Recent activity.

Don't forget to check the article's References! Another great way to extend your search.