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Digital contents from Harvard collection

Selective list 

Yokohama-e collectionBequest of William S. Lieberman.

Zenʹaku kurabe : shokoku meshimori Edo no hippari 善悪競 : 諸国飯盛江戸のひッぱ里 copy 1copy 2HOLLIS listing

Ukiyo no nami yume no uranai 浮世の浪夢乃占, HOLLIS listing

Yoshiashi konzatsubanashi 善悪混雑噺HOLLIS listing

Yokohama matsudaibanashi 横濱末代咄, HOLLIS listing

Goshōraku sandaibanashi 語笑楽三題咄, HOLLIS listing

Chirimen prints

Hagoromoza Tsuji banzuke 羽衣座辻番付HOLLIS listing. Kabuki programmes.

Early Photography of Japan Over 2000 images from 40 albums sre viewable

Etz-Trudell collection of hand-colored lantern slides of Japan Over 500 color slides (1900-1940) are viewable

Yenching Japanese Books in GBS over 120 Japanese books are fully digitized in Google Book Search.

Japanese Art and Design digitization project

鶴見俊輔旧蔵書 Books once held and read by Shunsuke Tsurumi '41 

Joseph Berry Keanan Digital Collection : comprised of manuscript materials and photographs of the US prosecutor of the Japanese War Crimes Trial.