General Journal Databases (Western-language)

Harvard subscribes to many journal and periodical databases. The following is a selective list of some major resources:

Academic Search Premier: offers information across the disciplines and includes full-text for many articles from 1990 to the present. Direct export of citations to Refworks, EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager.

Alt-Press Watch: a full text database of the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the alternative and independent press.

British Periodicals Online: offers facsimile page images and searchable full text for nearly 500 British periodicals published from the 17th through the early 20th centuries.

Citation Indexes/Web of Science: a multidisciplinary database covering the journal literature of the sciences, social sciences, and arts. Because the information stored about each article includes the article's cited reference list you can also search the databases for articles that cite a known author or work.

CQ Researcher: reports on a current social issue each week. Full text reports are app. 12,000 words long and provide background information, important points to consider, charts and graphs, an expert Pro and Con section on each issue, and a source list for further reading. Frequently covered topics include public policy, public opinion, economics, education, environment, cultures and societies, government and law.

Environmental Issues and Policy Index: indexes more than 1,000 international journals, with full-text of articles from more than 250 journals. Subjects covered include relevant areas of agriculture, ecosystem ecology, energy, environmental law, geography, marine and freshwater resources, public policy, social impacts, and urban planning.

Ethnic NewsWatch: an interdisciplinary, comprehensive full text database of the newspapers, magazines, and journals of the ethnic, minority and native press.

Google Scholar: not just Google — an index to scholarly articles using Google's search system. Use this link and the system recognizes you as a Harvard searcher... so you get full-text for free, rather than paying for it.

Historical Abstracts: articles about the history of the world from 1450 to the present. Direct export of citations to Refworks, EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager.

International Political Science Abstracts: indexes and abstracts political science articles published in scholarly journals and yearbooks worldwide.

ISI Web of Knowledge: multi-disciplinary database covering arts, humanities, science, social science, and technology articles from 1945 to the present. Allows export to Endnote, Reference Manager, and several common bibliographic software formats.

JSTOR: searching and full text of important scholarly journals, primarily in the humanities and social sciences. You may search across the entire database or limit to specific collections, such as JSTOR Asian Studies, JSTOR Folklore, JSTOR History, and JSTOR Religion. A moving wall of 2 to 5 years excludes the most recent issues of all journals. Direct export of citations to Refworks, EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager.

Periodicals Index Online: index to the contents of thousands of journals in the humanities and social sciences, from the 18th century to the present. Direct export of citations to Refworks, EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager.

Persée: national digitization project of French academic journals in the Humanities and Social Sciences, with coverage from 1881 through 2002. A moving wall of 2 to 5 years excludes the most recent issues of all journals.

Public Affairs Information Service (PAIS) International: indexes the public and social policy literature of public administration, political science, economics, finance, international relations, law, and health care.

Readers' Guide Retrospective: a database that crosses the disciplines with articles from 1890 to 1982. Allows direct export to Refworks or download to Endnote.

Social Theory: provides access to an extensive range of influential writings representing the most important trends of sociological thought from the eighteenth century to the present day.

Sociological Abstracts: a core resource for researchers, professionals, and students in sociology, social planning/policy, and related disciplines.

Worldwide Political Science Abstracts: indexes the international serials literature in political science and its related fields, including international relations, law, and public administration / policy.

Asian Studies / Japanese-language Journals

Western-language resources

Bibliography of Asian Studies:a citation index for Western-language journal articles, edited collections and older monographs (pre-1992). Citations may be saved to a bookbag, downloaded as a .txt file, and then imported into Refworks. Please note that you may need to rename the file if many underscores appear in the default file name. Choose BAS - Bibliography of Asian Studies as your import filter/data source.

Finding Periodical Articles on Asia: a guide to searching the Western-language journal literature on Asia. For print resources, Harvard library call numbers are given.

Japanese-language resources (includes some Western-language materials)

CiNii (NII 論文情報ナビゲーター); CiNii (NII Scholarly and Academic Information Navigator): citation searching of Japanese academic journals with limited free full text.  Both Japanese and English interfaces are available. Citations exported in Bib Tex can be imported into Refworks. For help with Refworks, please see Using Refworks at Harvard.

Zasshi kiji sakuin 雑誌記事索引: the most comprehensive periodicals index, going back to 1948. Created and maintained by the National Diet Library. Please note that this is not available on a daily basis from about 2 pm to 5 pm for server maintenance.

Zasshi kiji sakuin shusei Datbase, Koseisha 皓星社 雑誌記事索引集成データベース: online journal indexes from 1868-present.  Print volumes are shelved in the Yenching library (J AI19 .J3 M43-M46).

Annual Bibliography of Oriental Studies 東洋学文献類目, Harvard-Yenching Ref (J) DS5 .T69x (1934 - ): a citation index for scholarly literature on East Asia in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western languages. Includes journal articles and monographs. Coverage is strongest for Chinese, Japanese, and Western languages. The online version covers scholarship published since 1981 and allows author and title keyword searching. It offers two interfaces:

  • Japanese-language interface: Search terms may be entered in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Western languages. Please note that characters, kana, and Western-language search terms will search for those precise terms. i.e. 蒙古, モンゴル, and Mongolia will retrieve different records. Please enter katakana terms with full-width katakana. Searching capability in han'gul is limited.
  • Western-language interface: Searching in Western scripts only for Western-language materials.

If you experience display problems, see the instructions for viewing Japanese web pages.

Ōya Sōichi Bunko  大宅壮一文庫:an index of popular Japanese magazines published between 1888 and 1995. Subject entries include Japanese new religions, cults, occult, Emperor, socio-cultural trends, and many aspects of everyday culture and interests. The library may or may not have the original journals; we can try to obtain articles through Interlibrary Loan if not available locally.

Ōya Sōichi Bunko.  大宅壮一文庫. Ōya Sōichi Bunko zasshi kiji sakuin sōmokuroku, 1888-1987. Tsuiho. 大宅壮一文庫雑誌記事索引総目錄, 1888-1987. 追補. 
Contents :  Jinmei hen -- Kenmei hen. 
Location: Harvard-Yenching J 9678 4321.2

Ōya Sōichi Bunko.  大宅壮一文庫.  Ōya Sōichi Bunko zasshi kiji sakuin sōmokuroku, 1988-1995. Kenmei hen  大宅壮一文庫雑誌記事索引総目錄, 1988-1995. 件名編.
Location :  Harvard-Yenching J 9678 4321.1 (1988- 1995: 1-6) 
Contents :  1. Seiji, keizai, sekai (001-023) hoka 政治, 経済, 世界(001-023) 他 -- 2, Sekai (024-168), tanken imin, tennō hoka 世界(024-168), 探険・移民, 天皇他 -- 3. Sesō, kijin henjin, sedai, onna hoka 世相, 奇人変人, 世代, おんな他 -- 4. Kōtsū kikan, shumi rejā, bakuchi hoka 交通機関, 趣味・レジャー, 賭博他 -- 5. Masukomi, shūkyō shisō, Nihon kenkyū hoka マスコミ, 宗教・思想, 日本研究他 00 kenmei sōsakuijn.  件名総索引

Ōya Sōichi Bunko.  大宅壮一文庫.  Ōya Sōichi Bunko zasshi kiji sakuin sōmokuroku, 1988-1995. Jinmei hen  大宅壮一文庫雑誌記事索引総目錄, 1988-1995. 人名編.
Location :  Harvard-Yenching J 9678 4321 (1988- 1995: 1-4) 
Contents :  1. a-ki あ-き -- 2. ku-ta く-た -- 3. chi-fu ち-ふ -- 4. he-n へ-ん.

Ōya Sōichi Bunko.  大宅壮一文庫.  Ōya Sōichi Bunko zasshi kiji sakuin sōmokuroku, 1985-1987. Kenmei hen 大宅壮一文庫雑誌記事索引総目錄, 1985-1987. 件名編
Location :  Harvard-Yenching J 9678 4321.1 (1985/ 1987: 1-2)


Fūzoku gahō 風俗画報
Harvard-Yenching Library: CD-ROM (J) CD-ROM J-0017
Searching and full text of the journal of social life and customs, 1889-1916. Please request at the circulation or reference desk for use in-library on the Japanese Research Workstation. (Harvard-Yenching also has a few original copies and some reprints of the 1890s issues; see call number J 4150.31 7254).

Taiyō 太陽
Harvard-Yenching Library: CD-ROM (J) CD-ROM J-0018
Keyword searching of the late-nineteenth and early twentieth century journal of politics, commerce, science, and literature. Please request from the circulation or reference desk for use on the Japanese Research Workstation. Harvard-Yenching Library has incomplete holdings of the original issues (call number: Harvard Depository J 9210 47).


ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials: indexes journal articles, essays, and book reviews in the field of religion. Citations cover all religions and all theological points of view. There are links from cited articles in more than 50 journals to page images of the articles themselves. Strong coverage from 1949-present, with some retrospective indexing back to 1881. Direct export of citations to Refworks, EndNote, ProCite, or Reference Manager, as well as to common formats for citation management (e.g. BibTex).

For more help, see the ATLA Religion Database guide.

Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture 南山宗教文化研究所
Offers full-text of all back issues of Japanese Journal of Religious Studies, 東西宗教研究(Tōzai shūkyō kenkyū HOLLIS record), and other institute publications, including Asian Ethnology [Asian Folkore Studies HOLLIS record], Bulletin HOLLIS record), and Inter-religio (HOLLIS record)(English-language), and Kenkyūjo shohō 研究所報 and Journal of the Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies 東西宗教研究 (Japanese-language).

Philosopher's Index (1940-): gives bibliographic information for journal articles and major articles from anthologies and books published since 1940. The articles covered in here are written in English, Spanish, German, Italian, and French. Since systems of thought influential in East Asia, such as Buddhism or Confucianism, are sometimes treated as philosophy rather than as religion, you may find useful references here. Direct export to Refworks for citations of published works.

Finding Periodical Articles on Religion: a guide to electronic and print sources for journal literature on religion. Although coverage is more detailed for Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, there are some general indexes and bibliographies which may be useful to you.