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Worldcat  including Japan's National Diet library、Waseda and Keio University ID

HathiTrust Digital Library: digital contents from over 50 institutions totalling over 7.9 million volumes are preserved and searchable.

Internet Archive

Google Books

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*Primarily for Japanese sources

NDL Search 国会図書館サーチa search portal of National Diet Library, which aims to be an access point for  public libraries, archives, museums, academic research institutes, and NDL.

GeNii-NII: a research portal created by the National Institute for Informatics of Japan includes the union catalog of Japanese university libraries, institutional repositories, nationally funded research projects, the index to academic journals, and more.  ID

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Journal Articles

Bibliography of Asian Studies ID Citation only


Project MUSE ID

E-Research @ Harvard ID

Google Scholar ID 

CiNii (NII 論文情報ナビゲーター) : Japanese academic journal search portal with links to digital contents when available; Refworks compatible. ID

日本語学術雑誌情報源ナビ目次サイト、記事索引・抄録、全文情報データベース Japanese Journal Resources Navigator : TOCs, Indexes, Abstracts, & Full Text

Zasshi kiji sakuin shūsei dētabēsu 雑誌記事索引集成データベース: covers early Meiji to present, citation only. ID

Web Oya-Bunko ID: Index to the Oya Soichi mahgazine collection, with many popular titles since early Meji period. Now over 5.8 million entries are included. 

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Japanese dissertations 博士論文 National Diet Library porvides 14, 000 dissertations in full-text online, and 140,000 bibliographic records of disseratations submitted 1991-2000.  

博士論文書誌データベース Doctoral Dissertation bibliographic database maintained by NII

「博士論文を探す」 How to find and access to Japanese dissertations


Dissertation and Thesis full text (UMI) ID

Open Access Theses and Dissertations (OATD) Metadata (information about the theses) comes from over 600 colleges, universities, and research institutions. OATD currently indexes over 1.6 million theses and dissertations.

Online Newspaper

Historical Newspapers in Japanese ID

Kikuzo Visual II for Libraries 聞蔵IIビジュアル for Libraries 朝日新聞 (1879-present) The site offers a photo archive with over 10,000 photos taken by Asahi journalists in Asia from 1928-1945.

Yomidas Rekishikan 読売新聞 (1874-present), including English Daily Yomiuri.

Nikkei Telecom 21 日経テレコン21 access at the library only

Maisaku Trial 毎日新聞

Keijo nippo 京城日報 / Kyŏngsŏng ilbo 경성일보 (1915-1935) Online access to full image reproductions in pdf format of an official Japanese-language newspaper from colonial-period Korea. 

Taiwan jihō 臺灣時報 (1898-1945) Keyword searching and scanned full text in pdf format for a Japanese-language journal published by the Japanese colonial government in Taiwan. Search terms may be input using Chinese or Japanese. Includes the earlier Taiwan Kyōkai kaihō 臺灣協會會報.

Taiwan nichinichi shinpō 臺灣日日新報 (1898-1944)
Harvard-Yenching Microfilm FJ-50010 (includes the earlier Taiwan shinpō 臺灣新報)
Including both Japanese (1898.5 - 1944.3) and Chinese (1905.7 - 1911.11) editions. Search terms may be entered using Japanese or Chinese entry. Texts are in pdf format; citations may be saved or emailed. Continues Taiwan shinpō 臺灣新報.

Enaglish language papers

Japan Weekly Mail 1870 (Vol.1, #1-50)

Illustrated London News Historical Archive ID

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America's Historical Newspapers ID

Yenching Library Newspaper Search

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Digital contents

官報 Government's official daily Kanpo (1883-1952) and English edition (1945-1952) are fully digitized by the National Diet Library. 明治16(1883)年7月2日の官報創刊日から昭和27(1952)年4月30日までの官報、および昭和21(1946)年4月4日から昭和 27(1952)年4月28日の期間のみ刊行されていたOFFICIAL GAZETTE; ENGLISH EDITION(英文官報) 

Japan Review :the refereed journal published by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies from volume 1 (1990) to volume 22 (2010) are available.

Japan Focus, Asia Pacific Journal

Japanese Book News is published quarterly by the Japan Foundation to make available to overseas readers up-to-date information on new books and recent topics of Japan’s publishing culture.


Writing tools

Citation Linker an online form for finding e-journal articles; using pieces of a bibliographic citation, this automatically links you to either the full text article or to the HOLLIS record

Citation Tools at Harvard RefWorks, EndNote ID

Zotero this free citation management software works best in FireFox

Chicago Manual of Style 16th ed., fully searchable


Transliteration Tables for non-Roman Scripts: the definitive transliteration guide for transliterating words, names, titles, or text from a non-Roman script into the Roman script.

East Asian Research

Institute for Advanced Study on Asia, University of Tokyo 東京大学東洋文化研究所
Besides its library collection catalogs, the site offers useful databases including Korean Genealogies 朝鮮族譜データベース , Index to Chinese Modern Literature 中国近現代文学関係雑誌記事データベース articles, and a Tibetan-Sanskrit Dictionary (Tibetan-Sanskrit 構文対照電子辞書プロジェクト).

東洋文庫 Toyo Bunko (Oriental library)

Annual Bibliography of Oriental Studies 東洋学文献類目
Harvard-Yenching Ref (J) DS5 .T69x (1934 - )
Citation index for scholarly literature on East Asia in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Western languages. Includes journal articles and monographs. Coverage is strongest for Chinese, Japanese, and Western languages. The online version covers scholarship published since 1981 and allows author and title keyword searching. It offers two interfaces:

  • Japanese-language interface: Search terms may be entered in Japanese, Chinese, Korean, or Western languages. Please note that characters, kana, and Western-language search terms will search for those precise terms. i.e. 蒙古モンゴル, and Mongolia will retrieve different records. Please enter katakana terms with full-width katakana. Searching capability in han'gul is limited.
  • Western-language interface: Searching in Western scripts only for Western-language materials.

Database for Books and Magazines on Modern Korea 近代朝鮮関係書籍データベース

Bibliographic database of books and magazines on Korea published in Japan between 1868 and 1945.