Early Photography of Japan from Stillman albums, Harvard

Japanese Old Photographs in Bakumatsu-Meiji Period, Nagasaki University

Hand-colored photos in 1890s, Waseda University

The Meiji and Taisho Eras in Photograph 写真の中の明治・大正:東京編、関西編 : Created by the National Diet Libray of Japan, some 900 photos of Tokyo and Kansai area in 1880-1920 are searchable.

近代日本人の肖像 Portraits of Modern Japanese Historical Figures

National Archives of Japan Digital collection: Photographs 国立公文書館蔵写真

East Asia Image Collectionsan open-access archive of digitized photographs, negatives, postcards, and slides of imperial Japan (1868-1945), its Asian empire (1895-1945) and occupied Japan (1947-52). Images of Taiwan 台湾, Japan 日本, China 中国, Korea 朝鮮, Manchuria 満州国, andIndonesia are included. Created and maintained by Laffayette College Libraries.

A Directory to Photographs at Harvard

USC Digital Library: Japan Over 1000 photos related to Japan are serachable and viewable.

Asahi shinbun Historical Photo Archives 10,000 photos taken between 1930-1945 by asahi journalists dispatched in Asia. ID

AP Multimedia Archive: a searchable database of 700,000+ Associated Press photos, charts & graphics from the 1840s to the present




Ukiyo-e and Nishiki-e prints are searchable and viewable at many sites, including followings.

Ukiyo-e caricatures 1842-1905 Created by University of Viena, over 1,000 prints are searchable and viewable.

東京大学史料編纂所錦絵コレクション Historiographical Institute, University of Tokyo, offers over 1,000 prints with satire and humor of mid 19th century.

国会図書館蔵錦絵 National Diet Library's some 11,000 images  


立命館大学 ARC浮世絵検索システム

Library of Congress' Ukiyoe 米国議会図書館所蔵浮世絵データベース 2,500 prints

Namazu-e collection 日文研鯰絵コレクション

* Yenching Library holds many 19th century prints incuding these .


Art of Japanese Psotcard 1900-1940, Museum of Fine Arts. Boston some 11,000 Japanese postcards in the early 20th century are viewable.


戦前土木絵葉書ライブラリー: Some 3,600 pre-war time postcards of civil engineering thems including bridges, railways, dams, power generators are searchable and viewable.

Yokohama in Meiji, Taisho, and Early Showa era


「宮武外骨編集絵葉書類別大集成」: Postcards collected by the journalist Miyatake Gaikotsu (Harvard-Yenching CD-ROM (J) CD-ROM J-0014)

Illustrated Books

Chirimen Books Database ちりめん本データベース Printed on crepe paper (chirimen), 77 titles of Japanese Folk tales in Western languages  are viewable.