Box 5 Materials on the Northeastern Siberian Company

*Historical note. The Northeastern Siberian Company, founded in St. Petersburg in 1902 for the purpose of mining gold on the Chukchi Peninsula, was managed by John Rosene in Seattle.  For more information on the company please see:

Thomas C. Owen, “Chukchi Gold: American Enterprise and Russian Xenophobia in the Northeastern Siberian Company,” Pacific Historical Review 77, no. 1 (Feb. 2008): 49-85.
HOLLIS number: 000117271 


* Format note: The following items are on microfilm unless otherwise specified.


Owen, Thomas C., first version of article “Chukchi Gold,” submitted to Business History Review, Feb. 2005 (rejected).

The charter of the company (1902) and financial statements for 1903, 1903-4, 1905-6, 1906-7, 1910-12; General Assembly protocol of May 24, 1906. Photocopy.

Letters from John Rosene and letters to John Rosene (Archival documents photocopied at the University of Washington, Seattle)

Articles and newspaper clippings on John Rosene and the Chukchi Peninsula, 1900-20. (Photocopies)

Asmis, Rudolf.  Als Wirtschaftspionier in Russisch-Asien.  Berlin: Stilke, 1924.  (Excerpts: iv-xiii, 1-5, 230-4)

Khrolenok, S. F.  Zolotopromyshlennost’ Sibiri (1832-1917): istorichesko-ekonomicheskii ocherk.  Irkutsk: Irkutsk University, 1990.  (Photocopy of excerpts on 1832-1917)

Korzukhin, Ivan.  “Russkie argonavty.”  Typescript in the Library of Congress.  Excerpts.  Photocopy.

Mukhanov, letters to SPb vedomosti, 1901, 1911.  Photocopy.

Stearns, Robert Alden.  “The Morgan-Guggenheim Syndicate and the Development of Alaska, 1906-1915.  Unpublished doctoral dissertation, University of California, Santa Barbara, 1967.  (Photocopies of selected passages.)

Suvorov, E. K.  Iz poezdki na Komandorskie ostrova. SPb: M. Stasiulevich, 1911.  (On compact disc)

Tul’chinskii, K. N.  “Zolotopromyshennost’ S’iuardskogo poluostrova.”  Photocopy.  (Pp. 1-34, possibly from an unidentified periodical.) 

Unterberger, P. F.  Priamurskii krai, 1906-1910.  SPb: Kirshbaum, 1912.

Vonliarliarskii, Vladimir M.  Chukotskii poluostrov.  Ekspeditsii V. M. Vonliarliarskogo i otkrytie novogo zolotonosnogo raiona, bliz ust’ia r. Anadyria, 1900-1912 g.g.   SPb: K. I. Lindgard, [1913].  Pp. 5-69.  Photocopy.

Vonliarliarskii, Vladimir M.  Moi vospominaniia: 1852-1939 g.g.  Berlin: Russkoe natsional’noe izdatel’stvo, [1939].  Excerpts on Russian expansion in Manchuria, 138-59.  Photocopy.
HOLLIS number: 006958422
[Vonliarliarskii, Vladimir M.]  “Why Russia Went to War with Japan: The Story of the Yalu Concession.”  The Fortnightly Review, May 1910 (p. 816-31) and June 1910 (p. 1030-44).  Photocopy.
HOLLIS number: 000135693
Vonliar-Liarskii, Dmitrii V.  Grekh u dveri (Peterburg): roman.  Paris, 1934.  Foreword by Grand Duke Aleksandr Mikhailovich.  Politically significant passages.  Photocopy.
HOLLIS number: 007121693  

Newspaper reports of the trial of V. M. Vonliarliarskii and his son Dmitrii for fraud in 1911. Photocopy.



Note cards on the history of the company and its founders and managers. 1 box.