Related material at the Harvard University Archives

  • Biographical folder for Samuel Eliot Morison. Archives call number HUG 300
  • Fordon, Michael P., compiler. Interviews conducted with Samuel Eliot Morison collected by Michael P. Fordon, 1959-1982. Contains interviews with Samuel Eliot Morison: “Samuel Eliot Morison and the sea; the admiral/historian/professor talks with Edward Weeks,” which includes a bibliography and discusses the Columbus expeditions, and “Samuel Eliot Morison vs. reality; the renowned historian discusses man’s attempt to change” (Two cassette tapes, 1971); “Reflections: Samuel Eliot Morison” (Two VHS tapes, 1977); and “Samuel Eliot Morison discusses American History with William F. Suchmann,” Numbers 1-10 (phonograph records, 1959).  Archives call number HUM 290 HOLLIS record
  • Hosmer, Herbert B. Materials relating to the Harvard Columbus Expedition and the Capitana, 1939-1940. Archives call number 15010 HOLLIS record
  • Morison, Samuel Eliot. Lecture notes for course in American history to 1789, [c. 1925-1954] Archives call number HUC 8953.238.160 HOLLIS record
  • Morison, Samuel Eliot. Letter from Samuel Eliot Morison to Donald Richard Griffis, November 30, 1960. Morison discounts a story that an American submarine penetrated the submarine nets in Yokosuka, Japan during World War II, sinking a Japanese aircraft carrier. Archives call number HUM 289 HOLLIS record 
  • Morison, Samuel Eliot. Harvard Columbus Expedition photograph album annotated by Samuel Eliot Morison, 1939. Archives call number HUM 261 HOLLIS record
  • Morison, Samuel Eliot. Scrapbooks compiled by Samuel Eliot Morison, 1928-1937. These scrapbooks chiefly contain news clippings from the Harvard Crimson as well as regional and national publications documenting life at Harvard from 1928 to 1937. Some pages include annotations by Morison. Topics include the 1929 Harvard  scrubwomen case, the House system, Harvard president A. Lawrence Lowell's retirement in 1932, and significant changes to the language requirement for Harvard students in 1935. Archives call number HUA 929.4 HOLLIS record